Design Notes

September 24, 2013

Swordhaven's Royal Wedding

Chaos is not invited to the wedding, but YOU are!

Journey to Swordhaven this Friday at to help King Alteon ensure that the wedding of Princess Brittany, heir to Swordhaven's throne, goes off without a hitch! Prevent Chaos invaders from crashing the wedding and destroying Alteon's dreams of peace!

Look how BIG our little princess has grown! Her big day is upon us, and YOU need to make sure nothing happens! (Because something ALWAYS happens when we have weddings in AQWorlds!) Prepare for both a Wedding Rares shop and a permanent Royal Souvenirs shop that unlocks once you complete the release!

  • Rare Royal Eternal Flame
  • Rare Royal Peacock Pet
  • Noble Wedding guest armor sets
  • And so much more!

There will be SO MANY FEELS... oh your feels will really be feeling this Friday. Because who doesn't love a Good wedding? If you cry at happy events like this, you'll want tissues handy! A lot of them! 

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