Design Notes

March 20, 2014

Ravenloss Quibble Preview

Gear Up to Take on Beasts from Below!

Take a look at Quibble's Ravenloss lineup! Find him in Battleon tomorrow night with a host of elemental-themed items and gear to help you conquer your fear of the creatures that crawl up from the dark! Since all of Quibble's items are themed on our ChaosWeaver Invasion: Wrath of a Dark Queen event, his shop will ALSO count as the event rares shop.

Ascended SoulWeaver with and without Coat*

Quibble's shop will be around for at least 2-3 weeks. All other event rewards will be either permanent shop items or monster drops! Check back tomorrow for prices and more previews. (It is almost 3 AM, and I need to get a bit of sleep before tomorrow's release!)

Design Notes Item Key

  • Gear in BOLD is for ACs
  • Gear in ITALICS is for Legends
  • Gear in REGULAR font is for free players and costs gold


  • Ascended SoulWeaver (with coat)
  • Ascended SoulWeaver (w/out coat)
  • SoulBinder
  • Purified Soulbinder
  • ChaosWeaver Warrior Morph
  • Bug Hunter



Tomix's Cape and Blade, and Ascended SoulWeaver**


  • Ascended SoulWeaver Locks
  • Ascended SoulWeaver Helm
  • SoulBinder Helm
  • SoulBinder Locks
  • Purified Soulbinder Helm
  • Purified Soulbinder Locks
  • ChaosWeaver Warrior Helm
  • ChaosWeaver Warrior Locks

  • Bug Hunter Helmet


Riadne's Cape and Mace and Warrior Gear***


  • Black Pandora Blade
  • Scythe of Guilt
  • Hammer of Innocence
  • OmniElemental Claw
  • OmniElemental Mace
  • Void Key Staff
  • Ravenloss Defender Scythe 
  • Light Claw mace
  • Ice Claw mace
  • Darkness Claw mace
  • Nature Claw mace
  • Spirit Claw mace
  • Poison Claw mace
  • Metal Claw mace
  • Disease Claw cape

Purple and Black Blades in Quibble's shop  

  • Purple Pandora Blade
  • Ravenloss Defender Staff
  • Water Claw mace
  • Fire Claw mace
  • Wind Claw mace
  • Wood Claw mace
  • Silver Claw mace
  • Energy Claw mace
  • ChaosWeaver Defender

  • Stone Claw mace
  • Bug Blaster Gun
  • Bug Blaster Gun Mach 7

Elemental Claw Capes


  • Light Claw cape 
  • Ice Claw cape
  • Darkness Claw cape
  • Nature Claw cape
  • Spirit Claw cape
  • Poison Claw cape
  • Metal Claw cape
  • Disease Claw cape
  • ChaosWeaver Knight's Bladed Cape

  • Water Claw cape
  • Fire Claw cape
  • Wind Claw cape
  • Wood Claw cape
  • Silver Claw cape
  • Energy Claw cape
  • ChaosWeaver Knight's Cape and Spears

  • Stone Claw cape
  • ChaosWeaver Knight's Cape

SoulBinder and Purified SoulBinder sets

* Mystical SoulWeaver armor (non-animated) and the Elemental Key Staves will be in the permanent rewards shop.
** Tomix's armor will be in the permanent rewards shop. It is currently available in the DF shop in the /artistalley map.
*** Riadne's armor will not be available. She is modeling the cape and mace.

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