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August 01, 2013

Rare Gear in Treasure Chests

New Gear in Treasure Chests: NightStalker!

Have You Found A Treasure Chest Yet?! Mysterious Treasure Chests have been showing up all around Lore lately. These chests have a less than 1% chance of dropping from ANY monster in the entire game. Each one contains one of over 125 epic items that you can't get anywhere else, including the new NightStalker set!

Nightstalker fantasy game battleRule the shadows as a Nightstalker!

If you haven't heard about the new Treasure Chests, here is how they work: As you adventure you might find a Treasure Chest that can only be unlocked by Twilly in BattleOn by using the Magic Treasure Chest Keys that he sells. Each chest contains a random EPIC item! As an AQWorlds Legend, Twilly will give you TWO FREE KEYS every month for the duration of your membership!

Who doesn't love opening presents?!


NightStalker Set in Treasure Chests!

Starting this today August 1st, the Nightstalker set will be available in the Treasure Chest for ONE MONTH! On midnight, September 1st, it will go rare... FOREVER! Some treasures are too good to last!

This ain't no DayWalker set!

Each time you turn in a Treasure Chest Key to Twilly in Battleon, you'll have a chance to get one of the pieces of the NightStalker set or 1 random item from the rest of the Treasure Chest loot!

The NightStalker set is made up of:

  • NightStalker Armor
  • NightGuard Helm
  • Dual NightForce Cape
  • NightForce Blade 
    (does 5% more damage to humans and dragons!)

SO Much Gear in the Treasure Chests!

With over 125 items available from the Treasure Chests now, it can be REALLY hard to get what you want! To make it easier for all you heroes who love collecting to KEEP collecting Treasure Chest gear...

We WERE going to remove some already-released gear from the Treasure Chests, so that it doesn't feel impossible to get the gear you want, but based on player feedback, in the near future we will be rearranging how the Treasure Chests work. We will divide the items inside the existing Treasure Chest Quest into more than 1 quest. 

Rare sets like the Nightstalker may be added from time to time, but they'll be announced in advance. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts!

How to Open Your Treasure Chests!

All you need to do is visit Twilly in Battleon and click on his Treasure Chest button like you would if you wanted to buy more Magic keys or open a

Then you will see the Back button, the Open Chest button, the Magic Keys button to buy more keys and the newFREE Magic Keys button...

Simply follow that button, Complete the quest given to you and just like that... 2 more Magic Keys! This only the lastest in and increasing list of AQW Member Benefits!

This Free Keys quest resets on the 1st of every month but you can complete it for your free keys at ANY TIME during the month for as long as your membership lasts. Just don't forget to visit Twilly at least once a month. If you skip a month, you miss out on your two free keys!

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