Design Notes

October 02, 2010

Missing Badges!

A Small Calander Error

As you know, we have been saying that you if buy a membership ANYTIME in October (from yesterday to Nov 2) You will become a 2nd Upholder, which grants you the 2nd Upholder Achievement Badge in your Book of Lore as well as on your character page, and the coveted Onyx Star Sword.

Here's the issue: if you bought a 1 month membership today or yesterday, your membership expires before November 3rd, so the system isn't seeing your badges, but THEY ARE THERE.

Never fear, loyal supporter! First thing Monday morning we will correct this oversight and all of you 2nd Upholders who chose to support AQworlds by upgrading for one month will SEE your greyed out badges on your character pages!

The badges go full color on the same day as we will be delivering the Onyx Star Sword. That day is November 3rd.

Thanks again for helping us keep AQworlds going and enjoy all of the amazing perks you get with a membership!

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