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February 01, 2014

Change to Daily Login Rewards

Login 5 Days in a Row to Get Free Rewards in AQW!

Starting today, log in 5 days in a row to get four free game boosts: gold, rep, exp, and class points! The boosts will appear in your inventory automatically. You will not need to click on anything to accept them.!

Help us test the previous system!

As our servers grow older, issues and bugs creep in that happen at random. The daily login rewards system worked without issue during testing, but once we released it to all of you, when the system tried to perform under load (and lag), bugs appeared.

That's why we are going to KEEP the current system, but move it to a separate map early next week. Until then, it will be removed from Battleon tomorrow night. We'll need all of you to test it each day, and if you get any issues, please report them to the Bug Tracker. This system is a test, so if you do not get the reward you should, send us a report!

You WILL always get the 4 free boosts if you log in for 5 days in a row. That reward is separate from this.

The daily rewards system will return in its intended form for good after the server rewrite, but we want to focus on THAT first.

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