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July 05, 2013

Steal the Dragon's Spirit!

Join the Undead Legion and Unlock Undead Power

Battle through Lore as the Legion's champion when you fight as a Legion Soul Cleaver! With your sword and shield, the Undead Legion cannot fail! Followers of Dage the Evil have fought hard through the deepest dungeons and braved the Underworld to reach his side, and now he offers them his greatest gift: this Friday, the Legion Champion Class will be available to ANY member of the Undead Legion for either 2000 AdventureCoins or 2000 Legion Tokens!

Soul Cleaver Dragon Battle Fantasy Game fight

Dage the Evil formed the Undead Legion centuries ago, but tonight loyal members of the Legion will have the ability to move up in the ranks... as a Legion Soul Cleaver! Talk to Dage in Battleon, Shadowfall, or the Underworld to get either the Legion Soul Cleaver Class for 2000 Adventurecoins or the Exalted Soul Cleaver Class for 2000 Legion Tokens!

Each version has the same skills; the only difference is how you get the Class. NEITHER version will go rare! Find a skills breakdown here

What Are Heroes Saying About the New Class?

We've saw a LOT of people talking about the Soul Cleaver Class before it was released. Now that many of you have had a chance to try it out, here's some of the comments:

  • PvP All round though it's an excellent class, but it makes you think, and in my opinion, it makes for a very fun class to use. - Final Super Sayan
  • I've been using the class for a bit and love it so far. :) Only gripe is the cooldowns, but that's really just about it. Granted, I haven't ranked it up a lot yet, but it seems to be a good class. -HatedMimic
  • They made it like berserker but it has Necro's weaken! - CrimsonShadows
  • AE has already learned the lesson :D , no more OP - NewSparta

  • And a well thought out review from Zaxua:
    Well, just having gotten the class i can say that... 

    A: The cooldowns seem a tad long, but aren't that bad overall in practice. 
    B: Mana is NOT an issue in any way. I don't think there's been a single instance where my mana was too low to use any of my skills. 
    C: The damage potential could be incredible if used properly. 
    D: There are times when you actually feel like you're not taking enough damage, as odd as that sounds, so the rank 4 passive that increases the damage you take has at least some merit, seeing as it helps you deal more damage, faster. 

    Overall, my verdict is that, although the class SOUNDS like a mishmash of thrown together skills, someone had their noggin at work in making this class. 

Thanks for letting us know what you think! We'll keep an eye on feedback about the cooldowns and may tweak the numbers in the future if necessary.

Defeat the Dreaded Trigoras!

Who is Trigoras? A classic boss monster from the original AdventureQuest! Keep an eye out for Notsgnal's Design Notes about the battle in the next couple of days! When heroes first hear about this fearsome foe, they're like:


But then when you team up to take him down (and you REALLY should /party up for these battles) you get all:


Gear To Make Your Enemies Fear!

Whether you accept the challenge to become a Legion Soul Cleaver, defeat the devious Trigoras to craft an armor from his scales, or battle your way through Cysero's crazy quests in Battleontown, you'll have a whole inventory's worth of gear to choose from!

Become a Rubber-Mana-Dragon-Yogurt Cleaver? Challenge accepted!

  • Ducky Rubber set: complete the member-only Daily Quest "Rubber Ducky Rescue" from Cysero!
  • Living Yogurt Warrior: merge Glowing Socks at Cysero's Sock Merge Shop in Battleontown!
  • Mad Magic Mana Walker: merge Glowing Socks at Cysero's Sock Merge Shop in Battleontown!*
  • Glowing Socks are available from Cysero's "Schnozzberry Delight" and "Magic Sock it to You" quests in Battleontown!
  • Trigoras Slayer: Defeat Trigoras to get "Trigoras Tooth" merge items to craft gear from the fallen beast!**
  • Legion Soul Cleaver: Join the Undead Legion and talk to Dage in Battleon, Shadowfall, or the Underworld! 

* This armor may look vaguely familiar to some of you. That is NOT a mistake, and they ARE coming. Who is "they"? You don't want to know. You really, really don't.
** The member-only level 50 version of the Trigoras battle drops TRIPLE the number of merge items! 

FREE Pet to all who Join the Undead Legion!

Talk to Dage the Evil in the Underworld to get Sir Liest, an undead legion moglin! This 0 AC, non-member pet is Dage's way to reward his loyal Legion followers.*** A battlepet version for upgraded members of the Undead Legion will be added next week!

*** You MUST have completed the "Fail to the King" quest in order to bring the Sir Liest pet with you as you travel!

Notes to know for this week!

  • Diozz's shop leaves Tuesday, and just received TWO NEW weapons tonight! Make sure to check them out before the clock counts down to 0!
  • The Hero of Steel shop leaves next week! The rare version of the Epic Caterpillar Pet in Aria's shop will ALSO leave next week!
  • Jemini's hair shop has been delayed until next week. With the holiday, we were a few hairs short and a day late. Speaking of the holiday...

  • The Freedom Weekend All-Server Rep and Class Point Boosts will continue until Monday! Take advantage of these extra awesome boosts when you upgrade your account: member servers get 25% Rep AND Class Point Boosts! All other servers get 10% Rep and Class Point Boosts!

PHEW! My brain is done braining. It just said "Nope. Please leave a think at the beep. I'm outta here. *BONG*" Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay safe over the holiday!

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