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March 01, 2013

Special Gift for AQW Heroes

Heed the Call of Battle!

Lore needs Heroes, or Chaos will win! Great Heroes deserve mighty rewards, so tonight we're beginning a new special offer! If your Membership has expired, there's a chance you'll receive an email* with our "Return to Battle" Upgrade offer inside:

Upgrade again through March 15th, for every month you renew your upgrade, you'll receive 100 bonus AdventureCoins!** 

Head back to the battlefield!

What about current Members?

You already qualify! Whenever your Upgrade expires, you have a week AFTER the last day of Membership to renew and get the offer above. Tonight we're opening that offer back up to Members who did not take advantage of it.'

* If your Membership expired before February 1st and you don't see the email, check your spam box, as well!

** If you renew with a 6 month upgrade, you'll get 600 bonus AdventureCoins. A 12 month upgrade gets you 1200 extra ACs!

PS: Emails you receive should come from¬†[email protected]. Any email that is not from or a email is fake.

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