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March 22, 2013

DragonSlayer Birthday

Galanoth's Birthday Event Continues in /Lair!

Gear up to DragOn! It's Galanoth the DragonSlayer's birthday today, so we released a special addition to the Lair map in his honor! Quest to slay monsters for all of the party resources he needs, then unlock Galanoth's new merge shop!

Find Evolved DragonSlayer in the Lair Merge Shop!

At AE, we know that YOU are the most important guest at any party, so when we celebrate our birthdays, we create items for you! To make Galanoth's birthday more massively-awesome than a titan dragon, the AQW team crafted the following treasures for you:

  • Evolved DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    Available for all players; use Dragon Talons in the Merge Shop to create the set!
  • NEW versions of the Classic DragonBlade!
    Golden (member-only), Emerald (non-member, gold), and Platinum (perma-rare!)
  • Battle-scarred DragonSlayer Armor!
    Upgrade to unlock this Member-only set in the Merge Shop! 
  • Prismatic DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    This gear will return each year on Galanoth's birthday!

NEXT Wednesday, Galanoth's birthday event will receive NEW gear! An updated version of the classic DragonBlade AND a Legion version of the DragonBlade!*

Galanoth levels up in real life!

A Hang-out with our Awesome SUATMR Winner!

Last night I got to hang out with the EPIC Apus, the winner of this month's Shut Up and Take My Rares contest! She got her chosen item, then we hung out with all friends talking about plans for AQWorlds, the future of PvP, and MUCH more!

Apus wishes you all good luck!

Defeat was NOT an option for our group!

Apus and all her friends /cheer for YOU!

If you want to get a rare item of your own from Cysero's inventory and choose a dev to hang out with, then check out our Shut Up and Take My Rares contest page!

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