Design Notes

December 06, 2013

Frostval is HERE

Slay Bells, Beasts, and Bandits in Frostvale!

Journey to Frostvale to battle through AQW's coolest holiday events now as all of our previous years' Frostval events return! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, take down the ancient Questzal beast and get WAY TOO MANY presents! 

Are you ready for the holiday /cheer?

/Join Frostval to begin battling the most coldhearted villains in Lore! Quest through the following areas to save the Spirit of Frostval, moglins... and the WORLD!

Tinsel the Gift Moglin and her bag of presents will return to Battleon next week! (Her shipment was late this year, but she'll make up for it!)

Winter Seasonal Shop: Subzero Berserker

Are you coldhearted enough to /equip this gear? The Subzero Berserker is available when you buy the Winter Token from Twilly in Battleon!

Cold as Ice... and as Deadly

Check out our other releases this week, too!

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