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December 23, 2013

Friday: Draconic Devastation

Once the war is over... the REAL battle begins!

Frostfang the Eternal Ice Dragon: a beast out of legend, terrorizing the land before man first roamed the world. Dage knows WHAT it is... Dage knows WHERE it is... but how does he want to use it? And... for what?! If you're going to survive this Frostval, you'd better make sure your stats are high and your HP potions are full!

Defeat the Beast to save Frostval!

/Join darkwinter to take part in Dage's Dark Winter war! Each night at midnight, the war meter will reset and the side with the most souls collected that day will get their reward!

Once the time is right (aka this Friday), Dage the evil will see his dream become YOUR nightmare!

Countdown to New Year's Limited Time Shop!

This Friday, the countdown to New Year's begins with the New Year's Evolution shop! As the years turn, the world around us evolves... and so does AQWorlds! The items in this shop will be inspired by legendary gear of the past. Thanks to Zoraith for the AWESOME shop suggestion!

A new item will be added to the shop each day until January 1st, when our New Year's event hub goes live!

Level Cap Raises to 60!

DING! Level up! It's Frostval, and that means your Hero has battled for another year, and has the ability to get EVEN stronger! Yulgar's Daily Quest board will have a new farming quest or two for our higher-leveled players to tackle to help them level up!

Holiday Boost on all servers!

Happy holidays! From now until release, battles and quests on Legend servers will give you 15% MORE Class Points AND Rep! All other servers will get 10% more Class Points and Rep!

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