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July 18, 2014

Drakath's Story, Pt 1

Relive the Champion of Chaos' Origin Story!

For years, you've battled Drakath, the Champion of Chaos. But how well do you know his story - what turned him from a young Prince into an all-powerful mage bent on achieving a single, world-shattering goal? 

The family that slays together, stays together.

This weekend, battle through Dreadhaven as Alden, aka a young King Alteon before he ascends to the throne. Then battle through Oaklore Forest as a young Princes Victoria, reliving Drakath's early years to experience the start of his journey towards Chaos! WARNING: this is only the FIRST part of Drakath's story... you'll need to return NEXT Friday to see how it ends!

We have a TON of things for you to do tonight!

  • Drakath Story release: /Join Dreadhaven to play as Alden (destined to become Alteon, Swordhaven's greatest King) and then his daughter Princess Victoria 
  • Two Challenge Fights: Take on the Dreadhaven General in /dreadfight and Ultra Dreadhaven General in /ultradread for a chance to get permanent versions of the full armor sets!* 
  • Summer Token 2014 Shop: Talk to Twilly in Battleon to get your token and unlock the gear! 
  • Chaos Rep Shop Update: Find the Dreadknight armor in the Chaos Rep shop! 
  • War Boss Coming SOON: The Attack on Battleon War Boss will release... and you will learn your TRUE identity! As soon as the war meter hits 100%... you will FINALLY know who you REALLY are!

You'll need your friends to take down THIS boss!

* Ultradread battle drops the Legend-only version of the set, which gives more XP and does more damage against Chaos! The normal Dreadhaven General battle drops a version of the gear for ALL players!

Summer Token Shop

That's right, it's SUMMERTIME in the city (Of Battleon) and that means... a NEW seasonal token shop! This Friday, talk to Twilly in Battleon to get your Summer 2014 Token! That lets you open the Summer 2014 Token shop, where you'll find:

  • Fire Elemental Armor
  • Burning Flame of Destruction Cape
  • Bejeweld Flame of Destruction Cape
  • Beach Ball Basher Mace
  • Blue Moglinberry Smootie Mace
  • The Coolest Swimsuit Armor
  • Floppy Sunhat Helm
  • Real Cool Helm
  • Buckets o' Fun Helm
  • Buckets o' Fun Locks
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