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August 03, 2013

Learn How to Craft Killer Spells

Journey to DragonRune Hall to Learn Spellcrafting!

Craft killer spells to dominate Lore's deadliest creatures when you begin training at DragonRune's Academy of mana manipulation and spell-crafting! 

Fantasy game magic schoolSpelling 101: V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

/Join DragonRune and talk to HeadMistress Sora to Hoshi to begin the fascinating journey towards being a Master SpellCrafter! Neveya, Professor of the school of Craft Magic, will send you on quests to create your spellbook.

What is DragonRune Hall?

This Academy of Mana Manipulation and SpellCrafting was founded by Magi centuries ago, and is Lore's most comprehensive research school. Heroes of all levels are welcome to attend classes. Right now, the school is in-between session, but should you return later in the year, you'll find much more to do! 

Dragonrune hall spell classLessons never drag on at THIS school!

The Academy offers research classes in four different schools, and each school has a different rep shop filled with gear:

  • The Crypt of Necromancy: headed by Mueran the Inversionist
  • The Forge of Craft Magic: headed by Neveya the Darkblood Magecrafter
  • The Grove of Druidic Magic: headed by Maedoc the High Elder Druid
  • The Hall of Elemental Mastery: headed by Warlic, ArchMage Emeritus

Wizard ProfessorsDo you believe in Magic?

Their will be more lessons, quests, and magical mayhem at DragonRune Hall in the future, so now's the time to break out the books and break ALL the bones (of your enemies)!

How to Craft Spell Scrolls

  1. To craft spell scrolls, you will need magical Ink. Powerful spells come from using powerful Inks.
    Trade Arcane Quills for Ink or purchase Ink from Warlic for AdventureCoins.
  2. Each Ink has a unique list of Spell Words.
    Spell scrolls in a magic fantasy game 
  3. Drag words from the list to your Scroll slots.
  4. Fill every slot to try and make a spell.
    Try experimenting with every combination to fill up your spell book! 
  5. Only the right combinations will make a spell. 
  6. When the Inscribe button lights up, your combination is good!
  7. Click the button to craft the spell!

I crafted a spell!Keep an eye on how many symbols flash when you place a new one!

Become an ArchFiend and Rule the Underworld!

Follow Nulgath, Ruler of the Underworld and Oversoul! He is granting you a portion of his skill, IF you choose to accept it! Fight for him as an ArchFiend of the darkest realm and know power!

Dragon Battle fiend game
Dark power can be yours!

Talk to Nulgath in Battleon tonight to purchase the completely color-custom ArchFiend Class for 2,000 Adventure Coins! He'll also sell you enhanced verisons of his color-custom helm and wings. The ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath +5 do extra damage against humans and elementals, and give you a little extra rep boost all the time.

Archfiend battle game

Legends should talk to Nulgath in Battleon to begin the "Feed the Fiend" quest, which will reward Fiend Tokens. Collect 30 Fiend Tokens and merge them to create the 0 AC ArchFiend Class!

Get the full scoop on how the Class works in the skills breakdown from Memet!

Rare NightStalker Set Available in Treasure Chests!

Battle any monster in Lore for a chance to get a Treasure Chest! Then talk to Twilly and use the magic keys to open them! Each chest contains one of over 125 epic items you can't get anywhere else; the new NightStalker set is in the Treasure Chest through the end of August!

Stalk the Night and slay the monstersRule the night as you stalk the shadows!

Coming Soon to AQW!

  • Quibble Coinbiter returns to Battleon with Good, Evil, and Chaos-themed gear!
  • The mysterious and Chaotic whispers that were floating around in-game have stopped suddenly. What do THEY know that you don't?!
  • Next week: the Chaos War returns! We had to remove it from the game unexpectedly, so the Rares shop will return as well, but will only be available for a few weeks.
  • In two weeks: the 12th Chaos Lord Saga begins!
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