Design Notes

June 01, 2013

Double Release Weekend

Daimyo's Birthday is Today!

Today is everyone's favorite "fearless undead slaying" battle puppy's birthday. Only while Daimyo is in Battleon can you obtain an in-game pet version of him via a special Daimyo Birthday shop. 

Daimyo is SO EXCITED to battle alongside you!

And /join Necropolis to find quests (part of the DoomWood Part 2 Saga) to put armor on Daimyo if you get him as a pet. These quests will not be available while his shop is open... but they will return once the shop closes. I have also convinced Dage the Evil to craft a set of special Legion Armor just for Daimyo! You will be able to unlock that once Daimyo's birthday shop leaves next week.

Caption this screenshot and Tweet it to Artix!

Captain Rhubarb's 10 Year Anniversary!

A message from Artix Entertainment's favorite programming pirate:

Ahoy, Hero! I be Captain Rhubarb, the most tasteful pie-rate to sail the seas of Lore! An' I've been battlin' through the binary seas makin' sure ye can begin yer adventures for ten years. I've gone through 13 ships since I first met Artix, an' I've never looked back! Thanks fer adventurin' with me! Now... would ye like to hunt fer my treasure map?

Equip the Captain's gear and 
Tweet us your /cheers to celebrate!*

Head North from Battleon and you'll find Captain Rhubarb waiting for you. He's got directions to his lost Treasure Map... and if you can find the Ninja Nopperabo in Hachiko who has it, you can open his Treasure Map Shop! 

Thank You For 10 Amazing Years of Gaming, Captain!

The entire Artix Entertainment team cannot express how much we admire, respect, and marvel Rhubarb's coding skills.

Thank you for everything, Captain Rhubarb!

Faster than a fleeing ship, more cunning than a cornered corsair, you won't many coders with the Captain's skills. And though you won't see him on Twitter or posting in the Design Notes, it is a safe bet that any AE game or website you log into or visit would be much, much different (and more broken) if he was not around!

The Day We Were ALL Captain Rhubarb!

If you played AQWorlds during the Alpha phase, you will remember just how much of an impact Captain Rhubarb can have! And if you weren't, take a look at this Design Notes post Artix made in 2008:

OH... MY... G.....

I did say "ANYTHING" bad could happen during the Alpha Test, right? We just experienced one of the biggest database catastrophes of all time in the MMO. What happened? Well, the short story is -- your account name is now Captain Rhubarb. Actually... ALL of our account names are now Captain Rhubarb. Which is good if you like pirates... but really really bad if any of us wants to login to the MMO. All 10,000 accounts created yesterday were lost. *moment of silence* BUT look at the bright side... your character was just involved in the first ever database wipe in AE history. (Erm... ok, lets try another angle) Tomorrow at noon, you will be able to re-create your account during "Mulligan Day!" It will be a complete new and improved re-do of Monday's grand opening. The schedule is below... oh, and after testing closes tomorrow, Captain Rhubarb is going to give everyone who re-created their accounts 10,000 gold and a commemorative "My name is Captain Rhubarb" name tag.

Q: Got a lil' Captain in you?

A: No, but your server sure does! 

This was a pretty bad bug, but it makes a REALLY GREAT story! That is one of the best things about working with such an incredible team year in and year out: the memories you make and the laughter you share (even if most of it is over instant messenger)!

Captain Rhubarb: for fixing so many of the bugs that threaten Artix Entertainment's heroes and the fun they have, we /salute you! Here's to ten more years helping us chart a steady course into the future of gaming!

* Screenshots of congratulations will be forwarded to Captain Rhubarb!

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