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May 03, 2013

Undead Legion: First Recruit!

Defeat Blightbringer and the Legion Will Rise!

Ravenscar, a cursed town doomed to burn for as long as Dage's Undead Legion stalk Lore! Go back in time to discover the truth of how the first Legion soldier was created in a maelstrom of rage, revenge, and exploitation!

Your future is in Dage's hands now!

At the end of the storyline, you can unlock two shops: one for members of the Undead Legion, and one for those who have not yet declared their allegiance. Find the Ancient Warrior set in the Ravenscar Legion shop for ACs OR buy the gear with Legion Tokens in the SoulForge!

Defeat the Shadow Man and join the Legion to unlock his gear!

The map is a single-player map because you are battling AS Rand, the sole survivor of the attack on Ravenscar Village, and having 7 versions of the same long-dead farm boy is weird, even for us.

If you want to farm the Ultra Shadow Man for the Dual Ancient Rune Blades he drops, you can /join ravenblight!

Blood Titan Class Now Available!

Are you prepared to consume your OWN life to deal damage to your foes? Drain your own health to increase your defense? Tap the power of your fury to deal massive damage to your enemies? Yes? YES! Then talk to Shi Mar in Greenguard East OR purchase the Class from the shop in your game menu and become a Blood Titan!

SMASH your enemies with Blood Titan!SMASH your enemies as a Blood Titan!

Members can farm the "Blood Titan Defender" quest to earn 1, 3, 5, 15, or 25 Blood Titan tokens. 

The Class costs:

  • Blood Titan Class: 425 Blood Titan Tokens
  • Blood Titan Horns: 25 Blood Titan Tokens

Quibble Coinbiter's NEW Mirror Realm Gear!

Quibble Coinbiter is still in Battleon selling his never-before-seen, slightly-used items and rares and he's gotten new stock in. 17 New items have shown up in his shop all building to next week's return to the Mirror Realm! 

The Cryomancer Nax's Robes set are VERY cool!

Arriving in Quibble's shop this week:

  • Hate Weaver armor (mirror of Love Weaver)
  • Nax's Robes (mirror of Pyromancer's Robes)
  • Cryomancer's Wrap and Snowing Wrap 
  • Icy Nax Skull and Hooded Nax Skull Helms
  • Twil-Lich pet (mirror of Twilly)
  • Dream Plate (mirror of Nightmare Plate)
  • Dracomancer Armor (mirror of Dragonslayer)

LoveWeaver turns to Hate Weaver in the Mirror Realm!

Coming to Quibble's shop NEXT Friday:

  • The Light Witch set (mirror of Witch armor)
  • Blades of Awful and Auld

Login Sunday for Cinco de May!

Cinco de Mayo is this Sunday! Login and check out the Mariachi-themed gear AND the member-only Pinata pet! (The pinata pet spills candy as it runs. Sweet AND messy!)

Next week: Return to the Mirror Realm, see the next Featured Artist Shop with Hizu's gear, and check out the Irony Man shop!

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