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February 07, 2014

Coliseum Boss Beatdown

Defeat 10 Bosses to Unlock 5 Champion Shops!

Take on the biggest, baddest, most brutal bosses on Lore this weekend! Unock new boss fight challenges as you level up... and earn access to higher levels of Coliseum Champion gear!

Are you ready for VICTORY!? (Note: we recommend your bring friends, because these fights are TOUGH! Dumoose was laughing evilly ALL DAY as he and the testers worked on balancing.) 

/Join Bosschallenge and talk to The Ogre to begin your journey towards Coliseum DOMINATION!

NEW Class: MechaJouster!

It takes A LOT of skill to ride (and stay on!) a mechanical steed in the midst of battle. But before you can start leveling up your Jouster Class, you'll need to unlock it! To see what's in store for you, check out Beleen's Class Skills writeup!

There are a few ways you can become a super awesome Jouster.

  1. Win the Jouster ARMOR from the Wheel of Doom or the Wheel of Destiny
    1. Type /join doom in the chat bar for Wheel of Doom
    2. Type /join destiny in the chat bar for Wheel of Destiny
  2. Complete Quests with the Jouster Armor to unlock Jouster Class
  3. Win the Jouster CLASS in the Wheel of Doom/Wheel of Destiny
  4. Get the Jouster CLASS in the Wheel of Doom/Destiny Merge shop
  5. Invent a time traveling machine, give Artix Entertainment the rights to patent your invention, get hired by the AQWorlds team, and get the Jouster Class for FREE! (Yes, we're serious) 

Blockhead Shop and Zoshi's Birthday!

Don't miss Zoshi's pre-birthday shop! He lost power all week due to the raging winter storms up north, but he is going to have an awesome pet for you soon! Roroth's birthday shop had the Gren pet (with quests and rewards) added. His shop will leave next Friday.

You'll also find the Blockhead Shop in your game menu! We love us some lego-themed gear, and if you REALLY want to use your head in battle, these babies are your best bet!

PS: Valentine's Day is next week! Now, Beleen's been working REALLY hard on her zone. I know because I keep hearing screams of rage from Artix's room. But... I haven't seen her all day. I hope she's alright...

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