Design Notes

September 20, 2013

Chaos Kraken Battle!

Now They're Letting Moglins Write Releases?

This is an exciting release for me, you guys, because it is the first one I've designed myself! As you may or may not know, I've been working on art for AQWorlds for about a year. A couple of months ago, I started writing some quests, too. And now, this week, I get to inflict upon you all an entire release. Just a small one, though - I'm dipping one paw in at a time here.

Here's What's Happening!

Tying in to last week's Friday the 13th release, Legends will be able to go back to Skull Punch Island for a new challenge boss, the Chaos Kraken!

Ain't he purty?

Your guide for this release is Gustav duGrog, a pirate merchant sailor who washed ashore on Skull Punch Island after his pirate ship totally legit cargo vessel was sunk by a chaorrupted kraken! He'll need your help to find the precious cargo his ship was carrying, and take revenge on the monstrous beast that destroyed his ship and possibly ate his captain.

Kraken Boss Gear & Merge Shop!

There's plenty of cool new gear that drops from the Chaos Kraken, and even more that you can get from Gustav's merge shop! We've got both Legend and non-Legend items in this release, so you can keep wearing your cool new stuff after your membership runs out.

Just a sampling from the kraken hoard that awaits you!

Boss Drops:

  • Chaos Hunter (Legend)
  • Brown Chaos Hunter
  • Chaos Hunter Hood (Legend)
  • Brown Chaos Hunter Hood
  • Chaos Hunter Crossbow
  • Legit Chaos Blade
  • Chaos Hunter Bolt Pouch
  • "Rudder Beanie" plush squid hat

Merge Shop:

  • "Chaos Dragon Flames" cape
  • Chaos Polearm
  • Dual Chaos Crossbows
  • Dual Chaos Blades
  • "Rudder" plush squid battlepet!

Naval Top Hats!

By popular request, when you /join skullpunch, a special naval top hat merge shop will be available for ALL players from the event menu! There's a tophat to match every Naval Commander set, past and present. Well, actually there are several. Here are some of the available variants, all by the talented Roroth:

Also: top hats with beards!

There are over 70 top hats in this shop. Half are for ALL players and are 0AC for free storage! The other half are Legend-only, do 5% extra damage against undead, AND give 5% more gold when equipped!

To get them, get Top Hat and Legend Top Hat drops from vampirates, fishbones, Von Poach, or the Chaos Kraken. Then, buy special merge resource shop items items (for 10,000 gold) to customize your top hat! Naval-themed hats tagged "13" will be back next year, but any items without the year tag will go rare!

Wheel Of Destiny

As frequent readers of the Design Notes know, we've also added the Wheel of Destiny to the /wheel map. You can also /join destiny to go directly to the new wheel... or /join doom to go to the normal, much-DOOMIER wheel!

Swaggy's brother, Shiny! Can't you see the family resemblance?

Right now, both wheels have the same gear in them, but wheel-specific items will be added to both the Wheel of Doom and the Wheel of Destiny in the near future. Next week, we'll be adding some limited-time high-drop rate items to both wheels, so keep an eye out!

Shiny! The swords, I mean. Not the moglin.

There is already one difference in the merge shops! We've added the Skull & Bones blade to the Wheel of Doom merge shop, and the Ancient Skull & Bones blade to the Wheel of Destiny's shop. Both of these items leave at the end of September, so you'll want to turn in your potions soon!

Please note that the Doom Strength Draught has been renamed to Fortune Potion. Don't freak out when you see these in your bags!


Don't Forget!

  • Quibble Coinbiter's Talk Like A Pirate Day shop is still in town and will be for at least one more week. If you haven't gotten this year's Naval Commander gear, now is a good time to do it!
  • Chika's birthday shop, with super pretty Sakura gear, is still in the Battleon game menu!
  • Be sure to come back next week to attend Princess Brittany's royal "Purple Wedding" in Swordhaven!
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