Design Notes

January 04, 2013

Chaos is Coming

Amberheart Tower has Fallen to Chaos!

Light the beacon atop Amberheart Tower to summon every Hero on Lore! Drakath is on the move, and so is Chaos! As monsters pour out of a Chaos rift near Mobius, Warlic receives a letter from Vormund Vigil-Keeper, commander of the Tower saying they are under attack... and now they're all missing!

Battle Chaorrupted enemies as you climb the Tower searching for clues to where they've gone, and uncover a VITAL secret about Chaorruption along the way! Discover where they’ve gone, ignite the beacon’s flame, and summon help to warn the rest of Lore! 

January 4th, 2013: The Day the Lag Died!

After Yorumi made some core changes to how maps and friends lists* work, EVERYONE is /cheering him on! We are all loading at lightning-fast speeds. Login now and tell us how well the servers are working for you! (Yorumi's new title is... the LagSlayer!)

* If you have bugs with your friends list, please log out, clear your cache, and log back in.

Verification Shop Armors Come Next Week!

The Verification shop armors have been delayed another week. We apologlize; the last two weeks have been much shorter (3 days to create releases instead of 5), but the verification shop armors are the first thing on Dage's to do list for next week. We will release them as soon as possible!

Base Class Redesigns Still in Progress!

We tried VERY hard to release the new art for the base classes this week. We were on schedule until this morning, when we realized the engine would need some pretty big re-writes. When Yorumi went to add them, we realized... the game is out of space!** While he works to create the room we need to add the new base classes, we added the new art as armors in the Trainer shops for you to enjoy!

** We have added a LOT to AQWorlds this last year!

More News and What Comes Next!

  • Visit Aria's Pet Shop in /battleontown to see Va Va Boom, the January pet of the month!
  • The next Chaos Zone begins next week... in Blackhorn Tomb! Who - or what - will you find there?
  • While Cysero takes you on the next Chaos adventure,  J6, Beleen, and I will push on re-designing Battleon! 
  • 2013 is starting off fantasticly, and there is SO MUCH MORE to come!
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