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March 27, 2014

Arachnomancer Class Now Live

Be A Web-Slinging Spider-Mage!

Great news for you Arachno-fans! The Arachnomancer class (and gear shop!) is now live! Head to Battleon and talk to Iktomi the Arachnomancer to get the class - and other Arachnomancer gear! If you're a Legend, he'll also have a special, repeatable quest for you that will help you zoom to rank 10 with Ravenloss!

Well, coming NOW actually.

Remember, there are two ways to get it:

  • get to Rank 10 in Ravenloss rep (the Legend-only double rep quest is live now, too!)
  • spend 2000 AdventureCoins to unlock it immediately

Last week, Lore was invaded by ChaosWeavers, and you all fought to protect our land. Tomorrow, we're taking the war to them - we've invading Ravenloss! Fighting in this war is also a great way to get more Ravenloss rep - which means it's also a great way to earn your Arachnomancer gear more quickly!

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