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April 01, 2013

AdventureQuest Farts

April Fools: What Did We DO?!?!

To celebrate the coming new month, last night we fed ALL of the server hamsters an extra twelve rations of beans. In retrospect... that was a mistake. Because now EVERYONE in AQWorlds has really, really bad indigestion.

nZorbak is a real little stinker!

Never fear, everyone's stomachs (and senses of smell) should all be back to normal by late tonight. But wait! What about you heroes who LOVE it when yoou can battle with "bad indigestion"? We've got an answer for you!


That's right. If you think playing AQWorlds is a gas, then we've got you covered! And we've even got souvenirs for you to remember this day... forever! Talk to Dage the Sneevil in Battleon to check out the most aromatic items we've ever released!

Stinky Hamster is embarassed about what it ate.

Dage the Sneevil and Stinky Server Hamster pets, the Forever Provolone Helm, and the Stinky Cheese Suit, will all go rare on FRIDAY! (Dage's true form will reappear later tonight, but you can still access the April 1st Rares shop on Dage the EVIL until Friday!) 

Stinky Cheese Suit with Forever Provolone Helm

WHY Did We Do This?

At Artix Entertainment, we LOVE April Fools Day! Over the years, we've pulled some pretty amazing pranks, like when we...

DerpQuest Worlds in 2011!

  • Removed all the color in Battleon
  • Changed everyone's name to gold so they thought they were mods
  • Derped up AQWorlds
  • Had EbilCorp invade the game
  • Turned all of the DF heroes upside down in Falconreach
  • Swapped the genders of all the NPCs in AQ Classic
  • and more!

SketchQuest Worlds from 2009!

This year has to be one of the AQW team's favorites! From animating your character's indigestion, putting together the soundboard, getting all the gear drawn and animated... this was a BLAST! We think this is one of our stinkiest-but-awesomest April Fools "releases" ever! Which April Fools prank was YOUR favorite? Tell us on Twitter, the forums, and Facebook!

This Week's Releases!

Whooooo-eee, this week is going to be a doozy! (But not smell like one.... we hope.)

  • Tomorrow the Evil Undead Limited Time Shop will release
  • Wednesday we'll see the return of Cabdury the Rabbit and Grenwog
    (Cabdury will have the Egg Hammer quest for everyone doing Aria's Pet Egg quests)
  • Friday we've got the GI J6 shop the J6 Saga finale!
  • Dage the Evil's birthday Rares shop leaves FRIDAY!
  • Lucky Day leaves Wednesday with the arrival of Grenwog!

* Between Sunday's Aria Pet Egg release and today's event, it's been a CRAZY-busy (and smelly) couple of days!

Evil Undead Slayer is ready to break ALL the bones!

Read these Links for the Info You Need to Know!

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