Design Notes

November 27, 2013

Tonight: 30 More Bagslots

We are adding 30 more buyable inventory slots!

Feel like your backpack is a little cramped? Is your bank full to overflowing? We have heard your cries of pain in the game, on Twitter and Facebook, and on the forums! Well, get ready for GREAT news, because tonight we are adding 30 MORE buyable inventory slots for 200 ACs each!

Where to Buy More Spaces

Click on the "Add Space" button in your inventory window or north from Battleon up to the Bank (next to the Guardian Tower) and talk to Augold the Banker to buy more slots!

You Said You Couldn't Add New Spaces!?!

You are correct, disembodied collective player-voice! We get asked for more spaces every day on Twitter, the forum, Facebook, and in-game. We have to be VERY careful about how often we add more spaces to avoid increasing lag. Making extra inventory spaces cost 200 ACs each also offsets the cost of the increased strain on our servers.

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