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September 27, 2014

Achievement Tracker Is LIVE

The more you play, the more rewards you'll unlock!

Every time you log into AQWorlds, you've got some goal - whether it's to meet up and battle alongside your friends, rank up your class, or finish that last Chaos Lord Saga - and the sense of satisfaction when you accomplish that goal is one of the best things about playing AQW! But if you think you've done everything inside AQW and gotten all the best gear... guess again!

We've made 45 new badges with 150+ all-new reward items for you to unlock, and the Achievment Tracker will let you more easily display those accomplishments to your friends and show you new goals to strive for. 

Achievement Tracker Details

  • 3 different achievement categories: 45 badges and 150+ items
  • Sagas Completed: tracks which of the main storyline sagas you've finished
  • Time Played: tracks how old your account is (1 week, 1 year, 5 years, etc)
  • Loyalty: tracks the support our Legends and AC buyers have contributed
  • Privacy setting: choose to hide or display your achievements to the world
  • Permanent rewards: some of these rewards may take a while to unlock, but don't worry... they will never leave, so you can keep battling towards your goal!

And the best news: ALL of the progress you've ever made count towards the Achievement Tracker! So on Friday, be sure to check your Book of Lore to get all of the gear you've automatically unlocked!

How to unlock your rewards:

  1. Once you see an achievement unlocked on your Tracker, head in-game
  2. Open up your Book of Lore and go into the Achievements tab
  3. Scroll through your badges until you find your new badge and its shop
  4. Open the shop and get all the gear (0 ACs for free storage!)

Sagas Completed

Keep track of the main sagas in the 13 Lords of Chaos that you've completed! Grey badges mean you have yet to unlock the shop. Colored badges mean you can head in-game and find the reward shop in your Book of Lore!

Story Achievements mock up

  • Prologue: Ascended Avatar's Blade
  • Shadowfall: Shadow's Fang Gear
  • Chiral Valley: Phoenix Hunter Set
  • Dwarfhold: Mountain's Heart Gear
  • Yokai: Amethyst Enchantment Gear
  • Darkovia: Sapphire Enchantment Gear
  • Mythsong: Rockstar Armor
  • Arcangrove: Arcana Invoker
  • Sandsea: Sun's Tear Gear
  • Bloodtusk: Horcs Master Phoenix Hunter Set
  • Bloodtusk: TrollsElite Phoenix Hunter Set
  • The Span: Ruler of the Deep Set
  • Thunderforge: Blood Summoner Set
  • Swordhaven: Cyber Ruler Set
  • Mirror Realm: Mirror Daimyo Pet
  • Chaos Realm: Lore's Champion Set

Time Played 

Keep track of how old your account is... the longer you've been with us, the more rewards you get! Grey badges mean you have yet to unlock the shop. Colored badges mean you can head in-game and find the reward shop in your Book of Lore!

Time Played mockup

  • 1 week: Ornate Blade of Light
  • 1 month: Hunter's Gear
  • 3 months: Vasalkar's Champion Set
  • 6 months: Emerald Emperor's General Set
  • 12 months: Beastmaster Ravager 
  • 15 months: DoomKnight Battlemage Set
  • 2 years: Doomknight Shadowmage Set
  • 3 years: Prismatic Laser Set
  • 4 years: Bright Amadis Set
  • 5 years: Cyber Dreadhaven General Set
  • 6 years: Gravelyn's Champion Set


The heroes who support the game by purchasing memberships and AdventureCoins are the lifeblood of AQWorlds! Without them, we could not keep the servers running or so much of the game available to anyone who wants to sign up and play. To thank them, we have several inventories' full of exclusive gear!

Each of the items in the Loyalty Achievement category come with a bonus, special item animation... or both as our way of saying THANKS! 

What counts for the totals?

  • Each month of membership you've purchased (total time purchased, not used)
  • ACs included in membership packages you've purchased
  • The 5k bonus AC add-on you can choose to add to membership packages
  • Any regular AC packages you've purchased
  • ACs earned through doing AExtras offers

  • 1 month: Gandolphin Pet
  • 2 months: Ultimate Flame Katana
  • 3 months: Celestial Paladin Set
  • 6 months: Illusionist Set 
  • 9 months: Phoenix Armor
  • 12 months: Elite Asgardian Set
  • 15 months: Bitterblade Rogue Set
  • 2 years: Chaos Watcher Armor
  • 3 years: DragonSlayer Inquisitor Set
  • 4 years: Jade Dragon Mage Set
  • 5 years: Toxic Flame Biker Morph and house item*

* Morph armor will arrive in-game the next time we roll the new engine. Until then, enjoy parking your bike outside your house!

  • 500 ACs: Floating Matrix Conduit Katana pet
  • 2000 ACs: Blazing Chaos Gear
  • 12000 ACs: Overclocked Techsuit Set
  • 25000 ACs: Noxious Symbiote Armor
  • 50000 ACs: Toxic Symbiote Armor
  • 100,000 ACs: Necromancer Rising Set
  • 200,000 ACs: Platinum GryphonRider Set


Post-release updates:

  • The 9 Months Upgrade Loyalty badge and shop are in-game
  • The Void Tricorn and Tricorn Locks are in Quibble's Shop
  • Unbuyable items are now purchaseable
  • The Matrix Conduit Katana is a pet, not a sword
  • The 200k AC Loyalty badge is not visible on the web page but the badge and shop are available in-game
  • The Void Naval Commander chest skill will become color-custom on Monday (the delay is due to an unexpected illness on my part, and I apologize for that! Memet will get that fixed for you guys ASAP.)
  • Talk to Barnaby in /pirates to get the TLaPD seasonal tophats! They will be available for a few weeks, until they return next Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Talk to Swindle in /tercessuinotlim if you have the Toxic Fiend armor to begin the Toxic Fiend Helm quest
  • Find the Pink DragonSlayer armor in /beleensdream shop

If you don't see the above changes, please log out, clear your cache, refresh your browser, and log back in.

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Reminder Ranger

September 26, 2014

Ultimate Game Cards Leaving

Use Your Ultimate Game Cards By September 30, 2014!

The last day to redeem your activated UGC codes will be September 30, 2014, so make sure you redeem your codes before then, or you will not be able to use them to unlock exclusive Legend features inside your favorite online adventure game, AdventureQuest Worlds! For more information, read Beleen's Design Notes post about it here.

Find a story with game cards near you!

* Note: Ultimatepoints left over on Ultimatepay accounts will no longer work, either.

Redeem Major Retail Gift Cards for Artix Points!

With Talk Like a Pirate Day here, this is a great time to use PayGarden to cash in any unused gift cards you've got lying around the house, because you're going to want get your land-lubbing hands on this shiny, shiny loot!

Important Information

  • No credit cards required
  • Gift card must have at least $10 USD left on it
  • Works with US stores only

Check out all the info on Paygarden and redeeming gift cards here!

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September 26, 2014


New Idle Game coming this October

AdventureQuest Dragons

Do you love Dragons? We teamed up with the creators of Cookie Clicker to create our 1st ever idle game... AdventureQuest: DRAGONS! The game is currently in development, but I have been posting concept art, finished dragons, and videos on the official DRAGONS Facebook page and also on my personal Artix Facebook page. Be sure to like and follow it to get the inside scoop and we continue building it. In this idle game, you will hatch and raise 12 Dragons from the fiery Akriloth, the Undead Dracolich to never before dragons including the Steampunk, Slime and Shadow dragons. Each Dragon has a unique story. This new mobile game will run on Apple & Android devices and will also be available on the web. We are scheduled to release this new game next month in October! You should also check out the official www.AQDragons.com website.


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Posting for ACW0

September 25, 2014

Saving the Citadel!

A Mana Mashing Throwback Thursday

Some can’t live without magic, others can’t live with it. The Inquisitors hiding in the hollow halls of /join Citadel have made it their goal to persecute every mana user possible. Under the watchful eye of the Great Wizard Murry, you must make haste in setting these misguided Muggles straight!

Managing Murry’s Laws

Old Man Murry has had his fair share of encounters with the Inquisitors. From torturous fish slapping to Horc sweat suspension, he’s seen it all. Anyone in their right mind would want to get back at the Inquisitors for their injustice. Fortunately, while Murry seems to have lost his mind years ago, he has a plan to give the Inquistors a taste of their own medicine and needs your help. He needs you to start with Inquisitor Grunts and Guards. Then he encourages you to slowly slice your way up the chain of command to Captains, until finally coming face to face with the Grand Inquisitor himself.

Guardians of the Caster Cosmos

After spending ages as a Citadel prisoner, Murry is fairly certain there is more to the Inquisitor’s plan than the eradication of all magic. After borrowing some items to investigate, the Inquisitors seem to use a vacuum device to drain the mana of those they’ve imprisoned. What’s interesting, however, is where the magic goes upon capture. Could these machines actually be powering orbs for the Inquisitors’ own use?

Questioning Grand Inquisitors

Murry has seen enough. It’s time to cut off this beast at the neck. March into the chamber of the Grand Inquisitor, dismembering any who stand in your way. Beating the leader in his own stronghold should be enough to embarrass the anti-magic sediment out of the Inquisitor forces. Time is of the essence in this encounter, as the Grand Inquisitor is too far a coward not to summon backup. If you fail to win the battle in time, his beast, Belrot the Red Fiend, may just be waiting for your carcass.

Glorious Gold!

Sitting all day at the base of a mountain looking for heros to help teach Inquisitors a lesson or two on mana management isn’t the best way for Murry to make a living. Lucky for him, those that help tend to have gold galore, so selling his spectacular collection of wares for sky-high prices isn’t too much of an issue. Get your wallets ready heros as though this might be one of the older releases in AQW, the gear in Murry’s shop is still some of the best to date!

The Portal is a Lie.

Journeying through the mountains surrounding the colossal Citadel, one would come across paths to nowhere, an overly aggressive grizzly bear, and a bloodshot portal to a world beyond. While orange or blue portals with a companion hexahedron are the only portals deemed safe to explore by Loremasters, the pull of the possibilities in this portal are hard to pass up. However, not every hero can enter the portal’s chamber for a bag of 50 Bone Dusts is needed to gain passage inside. I heard that Big Jack Sprat and several of the Skeletal Warriors’ techniques are getting a little rusty. Maybe a quick skirmish with the clumsy skullheads could dust off any bad habits.

IRL Inquisition

With the school season in full swing, I’m sure many of Lore’s heros are stuck behind a desk for hours each week. However, the extra stress of reality doesn’t need to push virtual reality onto the backburner. Finding time to play a game or two takes stress off and keeps everyone sane. Thank you to Lazer_AE for his unbearably awesome screenshot. As always please tweet me @ACWOAE with any comments or future Throwback Thursday suggestions!

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Preview Maker

September 23, 2014

Become a 6th Upholder

Support AQWorlds and Become a Legend!

AQW is coming up on another birthday! That's means that we are once again offering the chance to become an AQW Upholder!*

* The same way that the Founders got their chance at the birth of the game and the way 1st Upholders got their chance five years ago, 2nd Upholders got the chance four years ago, 3rd Upholders got the chance three years ago, 4th Upholders got their chance two years ago, and 5th upholders got their chance last year at this time)

What Does a 6th Upholder Get?!

Normally, an Upholder gets a Character Page Badge and a rare Star Sword. This year, when you become a 6th Upholder you get:

  • two rare Star Swords: Brilliant Star Sword AND DoomKnight Star Sword (both are non-member so you can swing that sword forever, and 0 ACs so you can store it for free) 
  • an achievement badge on your character page 
  • the Sentinel Upholder CLASS 
  • and some CRAZY bragging rights.

Why a Class and Star Swords?

We always try to listen to your ideas... and though every year, most of you are ridiculously (and justifiably) excited about the Star Swords, the last year or two we've had several people asking for a new Upholder reward. This year, we are introducing the Sentinel Upholder Class, the Guardian of Lore's Legends - both Good and Evil... and maybe sometimes even Chaotic!** 

This is YOUR chance to grab some - or more - of the spotlight for yourself (even if you're already a Founder or a 1st Upholder, 2nd Upholder, 3rd Upholder, 4th Upholder, 5th Upholder or ALL SIX!) We will preview the Class art later this week or early next, but right NOW we've got a preview of the first of two star swords: the Brilliant Star Sword!

** The Sentinel Class will be available for ALL previous Upholders and Founders as our way of saying thanks for supporting us in the past!

Sounds Great! How Do I Become a 6th Upholder?

It couldn't be simpler. Upgrade your account to become a Legend! 

  1. If you are ALREADY a Legend and your membership expires ON or AFTER November 1st, 2014, then you're are ALREADY a 6th Upholder. Grats and thanks!
  2. If you help support AQW by buying ANY membership ANY TIME during the month of October (from October 1st to October 31stas long as it expires on or after November 1st) then you become a 6th Upholder!

I Think My Membership Already Makes Me A 6th Upholder. How Can I Check?

Also, easy. Just click the Manage Account link on the left under the ACCOUNT section.

As soon as you sign in you'll see when your membership expires. Here's mine:

Cool! When Do I Get My Super Sweet 6th Upholder Swords and Badge?

Badges and star swords will be awarded as you log in, starting October 1st! You will find your 6th Upholder Badge in your Book of Lore in the Badges tab. Click on this badge and you will see that it comes with a shop. You will be able to grab your swords and Class from that shop and start showing them off as well as your Character Page Badge. 

Only Memberships Count?

Yes. You can use Artix Points on the Portal site or any method in AQW to upgrade, but it MUST be an AQW Membership. AdventureCoins DO NOT COUNT TOWARD 6th Upholder.

5th Upholder Star Swords in online video game AdventureQuest Worlds

Anything Else I Should Know?

Absolutely! We couldn't keep AQWorlds running without every single upgrade and AC that you buy. Nearly every penny you spend goes back into the game. Though some people prefer buying AdventureCoins and others prefer upgrading, anyone who spends real money on this game deserves to get as much as we can give them, because without their support... there wouldn't BE an AQWorlds for everyone to play!

You may not know this but AQW (like all AE games) is ENTIRELY supported by the players. We have no financial backers and nobody owns stock in the company. Clicking on ads and doing AExtras offers does bring in some money, but not nearly enough to keep AQWorlds free for everyone to enjoy. 

That's why we continue to reward the AQWorlds' Founders, who supported us in the very beginning. To make sure they know how much we appreciate that, we are continuing to give them free gear each year! And because we can attach shops to badges, for all those with us since Beta, we're going to add the gear from the Beta Rares shop to the Beta badge shop later this week!

I Love AQW! It's The Best Game EVER!

Without everyone who has supported AQWorlds over the years, we wouldn't be able to make these amazing games, or allow anyone on the internet to create an account and begin battling through AQW! Every day, I come to the Lab not knowing what to expect (maybe ninjas? Maybe yogurt buckets... maybe your feedback), but it never fails that I think to myself - I cannot imagine doing anything else, or working for anyone else (YOU!), because you all are AMAZING!

PkerSlayer and video game friends with Star Swords

Thank you for battling alongside us, and for sharing your ideas and love of AQWorlds with us. You truly are the best gaming community on the internet, and I am genuinely grateful for all of you. /bow Thank you for the first 6 years of AQWorlds, and here's to another 5 years, 10 years, and beyond! 

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Loot Maker

September 22, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Week, Pt 2

Yarrrrrr You Ready for Piratical Plunder?!

Yarrrr! Deep Terror is rising across the world of Lore as Naval Commanders prepare to clash in a seabattle against the Pirates... and they aren’t content to keep the battle abovewater! Defeat the Dread Fleet, or face death from below! And the town of Lolosia is the prize!

Quibble Arrrrrives in Lolosia!

Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to access his shop full of piratical plunder from the past, present, and future... then find him in the /pirates map to begin his quests to get the Avast! character page badge!

Some o’ the best booty in all the seven seas can be found in his shop, including:

  • Naval Commander Class
  • DoomKnight Naval Commander Armor set
  • Brilliant Naval Commander Armor sets
  • Void Naval Commander
  • Void Pirate Captain 
  • And more gear (helms, blades, capes, and the Treasure Chest Bank Pet) will arrive this Friday!

Note: the fix to make the skin on the Void Commander's chest/thighs color customizable will go live later this week.

2014 Naval Commander Class

Find the seasonal rare Naval Commander Class from Quibble in Battleon and /Pirates! Everyone can get the Class for 2000 ACs, or Legends can buy a version with gold! Want to find out more info on the Class skills? Check out Zereldo's DNs here

* He has been reading your feedback on the Class skills, and revisions will come later this year to address balance issues.

2014 Naval Commander Raffle

Buy any of the 2014 Naval Commander armors or Class for a chance to win the 2015 Paragon Naval Commander!

Paragon Naval Commander

The Paragon Naval Commander armor is one of NEXT YEAR's Naval Commander armors, but for a full year (until the armor is added to the 2015 TLaPD Quibble shop), 100 lucky heroes will be the ONLY ones battling with gear from the future**! And as an added bonus to our Legends, for each month of membership you have, you'll get another chance to win!

* Example: if you have 12 months of membership left, and you buy the DoomKnight Naval Commander Armor, you'll be entered into the raffle 13 times.
** When next year rolls around, we will change the winners' armor slightly, (gilding? Cutlass cape? We'll preview this art soon) to show that this was a time-traveling armor set.

Brilliant Naval Commander

(Eye)Patch Notes For 9/22/14

  • The Purified Deep Terror Blade has been added to Lucia's quest in /Pirates
  • The Waves of Wrath shop has been added to Thalyssa in /Pirates
  • The Avast quest chain has been added to Quibble in /Pirates
  • The Pirate Class quest chain and shop have been added to Elisa in /Pirates
  • The Ravenloss War meter has been removed
  • The refund for the 800 AC quibble capes has been applied if you bought them on Friday

Still to come

  • Today: Design Notes detailing the super-secret feature release... that SHOULD release Friday if all goes well!
  • This week: the skin on the Void Pirate Captain hands will turn color-custom this week. The "all-black" chest skin on the Void Naval Commander will become CC.
  • Friday: The seasonal rare naval top hats will return later this week. They will not be tagged, and will only be available during the TLAPD event each year.
  • Friday: Memet's Retro Pirate armors will drop from the boss monsters this week!

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Yarrrr Maker

September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate This Weekend

Naval Commander vs Pirates Deep Terror War!

Yarrrr! Deep Terror is rising across the world of Lore as Naval Commanders prepare to clash in a seabattle against the Pirates... and they aren’t content to keep the battle abovewater! Defeat the Dread Fleet, or face death from below! And the town of Lolosia is the prize!

  • Quibble arrives with all new loot!
  • Choose to fight for or against the Dread Pirate Fleet in the Deep Terror War!
  • Explore Lolosia and the lands beyond as you search for hidden treasure!
  • Enter the Naval Commander raffle to win one of 100 Naval Commander 2015 armors! Buy either the DoomKnight or Brilliant Naval Commander for a chance to win. 
  • 2015 Naval Commander Original Design contest begins Friday! (One winner's design will be created for next year's Talk Like a Pirate Day event!)

Quibble Arrrrrives with Pirate Gear!

As Beleen says, "Pirates be lovin’ some booty! And ye too can plunder yer loot from Quibble’s Treasure Chest now that he's made landfall in Battleon. Quibble Coinbiter, our time-traveling sales-moglin, has brought piratal loot from the past, present, and future to sell to you... for a price!

Some o’ thee best booty in all the seven seas includes:

  • Naval Commander Class
  • DoomKnight Naval Commander Armor set
  • Brilliant Naval Commander Armor sets
  • Void Naval Commander
  • Void Pirate Captain 
  • And more

2014 Naval Commander Class

When you're sailing the high seas with a crew of rough-and-ready sailors, you need to command RESPECT... and we've got just what you need to do that: an entirely new class, the Naval Commander!With skills designed by Zereldo and art by Laken, this Class will return each year in our Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop! Everyone can get the Class for 2000 ACs, or Legends can buy a version with gold!

Originally intended for release as a Naval Commander armor in 2015, with so much excitement building over the art, and to make the NC Class stand out on its own, Laken's High Seas Explorer has become the new Naval Commander Class! /cheer

2014 Naval Commander Raffle

Buy any of the 2014 Naval Commander armors or Class for a chance to win the Paragon Naval Commander!

The Paragon Naval Commander armor is one of NEXT YEAR's Naval Commander armors, but for a full year (until the armor is added to the 2015 TLaPD Quibble shop), 100 lucky heroes will be the ONLY ones battling with gear from the future**! And as an added bonus to our Legends, for each month of membership you have, you'll get another chance to win!

Example: if you have 12 months of membership left, and you buy the DoomKnight Naval Commander Armor, you'll be entered into the raffle 13 times.
** When next year rolls around, we will change the winners' armor slightly, (gilding? Cutlass cape? We'll preview this art soon) to show that this was a time-traveling armor set.

Treasure Hunt in Lolosia

If you have Dage's Deep Terror Blade, talk to Lucia in Lolosia (/join pirates)to begin a daily quest to its five exclusive prizes! The quest will be around forever... but you can only complete it once a day!*

  • Platinum Trobble Pet 
  • Color Custom Ultra Cutlass 
  • BrutalCorn Pirate Helm
  • Purified Deep Terror Blade (coming Monday!)
  • Dual Deep Terror Blades

DoomKnight Naval Commander

* Originally planned to award one prize per day, this changed to having the quest permanently available so that you could farm for all the gear whenever you have time! There is a chance for any of the 5 rewards to drop each time you complete the quest.

Other activities and shops available in Lolosia:

  • Complete Captain Rhubarb’s quiz to prove you are not a spy (Beware: if you answer incorrectly, you’ll be tossed overboard into battle!) 
  • Preen's Piratical Pets, where Legends can find a stable full of pets to choose from. 
  • Barnacle's Bandana Shop, where next week, all wanderers can find headgear themed on our most popular piratical armors of yesteryear... if you've got the dubloons to grab'em! 

2015 Naval Commander Design Contest

The Naval Commander armor that arrives each year with Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of our most popular designs. This year, we're hosting a contest to choose one of next year's themes! Design an original Naval Commander armor set for a chance to have it added in-game next year, and receive:

  • A free version of your winning Naval Commander armor next year
  • An exclusive, 0 AC Trobble pet themed on your design THIS year
  • 1000 AdventureCoins

As with all contests, we reserve the right to award those who go above and beyond! Stay tuned for more details early this week.

Brilliant Naval Commander

Talk Like a Pirate Week... Part 2 Next Week!

As we prepare for a HUGE release full of gear for all players (details coming Monday), we are also getting ready for the end of the Naval Commander vs Pirates war, exclusive boss drops, and more accessories coming to Quibble's shop!

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September 19, 2014

Lore's Piratical Haberdashers

Barnaby's Bandanas by Blade

Tomorrow night, talk to Barnaby in Lolosia (/join pirates) to find his High Seas Helm Shop! You'll need to battle the monsters in this weekend's war to get the merge resources to create these bandanical beauties!

Barnaby's BOOTY-cal Top Hats by Boxer502

Barnaby's got a special story for you guys... and it's all about Boxer502! This heroic haberdasher is a regular player with an irregularly-awesome obsession with helms! Tophat-styled helms, to be specific. For the last couple years, Boxer has flooded our twitter accounts with some of the coolest, craziest tophat adaptations of our gear.

This year, we paired his suggestions with Blade, one of AQW's haberdasheriest (it's a word now, go with it) artists to create the gloriousness you see above. These, too, will be free for ALL players... as long as you battle for the merge items to create them!

In addition, Barnaby will also stock the seasonal rare Legend-only merge shop tophats from Boxer that released LAST year!

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Preview Maker

September 18, 2014

Quibble's Pirate Preview

Quibble Coinbiter Returns This Weekend!

Tomorrow night, log in for the 2014 Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop! We've got a LOT in store, so let's get right down to the news you're waiting for: WHAT will the shop include?!

Four Piratical Sets!

Some of the most popular gear in AQW, the Naval Commander armors will let you look your best while beating the worst bosses we can throw at you... perfect for scoring the greatest loot and the best booty in-game! And this year we've got something completely NEW - the Naval Commander CLASS!

  • Naval Commander Class
  • Dual Explorer Pistols
  • Explorer's Boomstick
  • Bearded Captain's Tricorn
  • Explorer Lass' Tricorn

  • DoomKnight Naval Commander 
  • DoomKnight Tricorn
  • DoomKnight Locks
  • ShadowKnight Tricorn 
  • ShadowKnight Locks
  • DoomKnight Naval Cape 
  • DoomKnight NavalCapeSwords
  • DoomKnight Naval Sword 

  • Brilliant Naval Commander
  • Dual Brilliant Cutlasses
  • Brilliant Cutlass 
  • Brilliant Backblades
  • Brilliant Shoulder Parrot Cape
  • Goldbones Parrot Cape
  • Golden Parrot Cape
  • Brilliant Parrot Pet
  • Brilliant Parrot Pet
  • Brilliant Eyepatch
  • Brilliant Tricorn Locks
  • Brilliant Windswept Tricorn
  • Brilliant Naval Tricorn 
  • Brilliant Captain's Hat 
  • Brilliant Captain's Locks

  • Void Pirate Captain 
  • Void Naval Commander
  • Fiery VoidPirate Plait
  • Icy VoidPirate Plait 
  • Fiery VoidPirate Helm 
  • Icy VoidPirate Helm 
  • VoidPirate Captain Cutlass
  • VoidPirate Captain Armaments
  • VoidPirate Captain Gun
  • Crossed Void Cutlasses Cape

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Prism Maker

September 18, 2014

Silver Sun Cutlass Hunt

The Last of the Silver Sun Treasure is Now Here!

Yarrrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day be almost upon us, and that means it's time to hunt for TREASURE! Talk to Esprit d'Cour in Battleon to begin the tunt for the color-customizable Silver Sun Cutlass! Use the map to find the area in-game to hunt through... then prepare to battle ALL the monsters to see which ones drops it! 

Our Talk Like a Pirate Day release arrives TOMORROW NIGHT, and the Silver Sun Cutlass will go rare until next year... But you'll be able to

  • Battle through the Deep Terror: Naval Commanders vs Pirate War 
  • Convince Captain Rhubarb you're not a spy in our quiz minigame 
  • Explore the expansion to Lolosia and 
  • Talk to Quibble for all his new Naval gear!

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