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Guild Goddess

April 16, 2014

Guild Launch just launched!

Prepare to take your Guild to the next level!

I have exciting news to report: Guild Launch has just launched inside AdventureQuest Worlds!

Guild Launch AdventureQuest Worlds new release

You can log in now and speak with Elise in Battleon Town (north of Battleon, by the Guardian Tower) to begin your Guild Launch adventures.

Elise Guld Launch

BUUUT since knowledge is power, I suggest you continue reading to buff your Guild Launch INT stats. Or you can watch my goofy video tutorial showing you how to create your free Guild Launch Account and sync it with your AQW account =D

Watch the Guild Launch Tutorial Video


Click here to watch the full-sized Video Tutorial on YouTube

What is Guild Launch?

Imagine if Paladins, Elves, Wizards, and Dragons ruled Facebook… the end result would be Guild Launch! Guild Launch is an epic social networking and website hosting tool that will take you and your Guild to the next level.

Guild Launch Homepage

Guild Launch lets you connect with your Guildmates in the real world, and offers new ways to come together & battle harder in game. With Guild Launch, you can create and customize your own Guild forum, set challenges and achievements, chat across AQW servers, enable voice chat, and more (translation: endless possibilities here, folks).

Oh yeah… and it’s FREE to create your own Guild Launch account! It seems the best things in life ARE free, after all =)

Guild Launch FeaturesGuild Launch Flag

  • Always available, use wherever you can use a web browser 
  • Custom forums and layouts
  • Recruitment and Guild search tools
  • Guild news
  • Customizable challenges and achievements
  • Guild calendar
  • Voice and cross-server chat (coming soon!)

Guild Leaders, listen up!

If you are the Guild Leader of your AQW Guild, it’s up to you to create your very own Guild Launch Hub to make communicating, recruiting, expanding, sharing adventures, and battling with your Guildmates easier than ever before. Here's an AWESOME example of the Tercessuinotlim Guild page!

Guild Launch logo

Spoiler Alert: in the near future, AQWorlds and Guild Launch will be showcasing the BEST Guilds (major shout outs to you and your Guildmates), hosting our 1st ever Guild Contest, and releasing exclusive Guild Launch quests and item rewards. So be proactive and create your free Guild Launch account now!

GuildLaunch twitter icon


GuildLaunch Facebook icon


Got Guild Launch Bugs, Probelms, or Issues?

Never fear, the Bug Tracker is here!

Bug Hunter

We hope that you have a flawless victory with Guild Launch, but should you encounter any problems, please send the AQW team a bug report and we will fix it as soon as we can!


Guilds 101

Need some help with your Guild inside AQWorlds? Check out the Guilds Chapter in the Lorepedia here!

Guild banner Lorepedia

As soon as time allows, I will post a video tutorial on how to create a new guild, how to invite Guildmates, show you all the perks of being in a Guild, and delve deeper into Guild Launch goodies =)

So what are you still doing reading this? Log in to AQWorlds now and prepare to take your game to the next level with Guild Launch!

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D

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Pass Maker

April 15, 2014

Wolfhound Warrior Tier Set

The First of Three Fantasy Hero Sets!

In Lore, one thing is always true: When you play the game of Chaos, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. But we choose to defy fate, and know you will want to, as well! The Wolfhound Warrior is the first of three new tiered sets paying homage to the Game of Thrones book and television series. In the coming months, the Dragon Emperor and Dark Warlock sets will follow, too.

Unlock all 11 items in the Wolfhound Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package starting this Friday, April 18th, at 12:01 AM server time, or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set!

The 12 month upgrade comes with all 11 of the following:

  • Dire Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • Deadly Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • The Wolves’ Fury Blade
  • Wolfhound Fangs Daggers
  • Wolfhound’s Pike
  • Wolfhound’s Crown
  • Glowing Wolf Crown
  • Shaggy Wolf Hair
  • Shaggy Wolf Beard
  • Wolfhound’s Pelt

6 month upgrade and 12k AC packages: 

  • Deadly Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • The Wolves’ Fury Blade
  • Wolfhound Fangs Daggers
  • Wolfhound’s Pelt
  • Wolfhound’s Crown
  • Glowing Wolf Crown

3 month upgrade and 5k AC packages: 

  • Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • The Wolves’ Fury Blade
  • Wolfhound’s Pelt
  • Shaggy Wolf Hair
  • Shaggy Wolf Beard

NEW: Special Package Pass!

We have been getting a lot of emails and tweets from players who are maxed out on ACs, have years worth of membership, or simply want to buy the gear that comes with our special packages. In response to that request, we are trying a new package: the special package pass.

Buying a special package pass for $60 USD will unlock ALL of the gear from the Wolfhound Warrior AND the other two packages in the series once they are released. Once those packages go live in the near future, anyone who bought the pass would automatically get them in their badge shop in the book of Lore.

You would have to buy 3 years worth of membership to get all of this gear with the set-up above, but if you're a gear collector (or just a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, like me... #TeamTyrion) or maxed out on upgrades, then this is going to be the way you want to go.

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Cleanin' House

April 15, 2014

What's Going Rare This Friday?

Last Chance For Dage's Birthday Items

Dage's 2014 birthday events, shops and items are leaving this Friday, April 18. So if there's anything you want but haven't had the chance to pick up, now's the time!

Last chance to look this gorgeous.

Shops leaving this Friday:

  • Dage's Dark Birthday Shop

Maps leaving this Friday:

  • /undervoid (Undead Apocalypse event)

Items leaving this Friday:

Other stuff that will be leaving

Dage's 2014 birthday events, shops and items are leaving this Friday, April 18. So if there's anything you want but haven't had the chance to pick up, now's the time!

  • Beleen's Hero's Heart Rares shop, including Bluddron and Paragon of Love sets
  • Seasonal Carnaval items and quests (though the /carnaval map will stay!)
  • Lucky Day maps and rare/seasonal items

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Moglin of Doom

April 14, 2014

Tower of Doom Dungeon Crawl

Can you fight your way to the top?

Monster Hunter Zoshi has found the mother lode - a giant tower filled with every kind of monster imaginable! This Friday, battle your way to the top - and the bottom! - of this colossal column to prove to the world that you are a champion monster hunter!

Doomie, doomie, doomie!

When you enter the tower, you'll be able to climb your way to the top - or tunnel far into the ground to the bottom - for a pair of ultra-disgusting, high-level boss fights. As you fight your way toward them, you'll encountertons of different monster types, and even old bosses from your past.

Hunt for the Eternity Blade

Players level 30 and up will also be able to accept a quest for the fabled Eternity Blade. Anyone who manages to obtain this very special sword will be entered into a really awesome contest - we'll be posting the details about this later!

  • Design notes about the Wolfhound Warrior tiered special package* will be coming tomorrow!
  • We'll also be talking about the new Special Package Pass!

* Earlier DNs said this was a Class, but that was an error. It is an armor set with 3 variants.

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April 12, 2014

AQW: Chaos in a Comic 2

13 Lords of Chaos comic: Alteon Vs Sepulchure!

Blade's been hard at work on this comic series and part 2 is done! If you missed part 1 don't worry, you can find it right here!

Click to view larger image!

The 13 Lords of Chaos storyline all started with an invasion, so that is where our comic begins! Created by one of AQWorlds' newest - and funniest - artists, Blade  will be recreating the 13 Lords of Chaos in comic form one panel at a time! Wish him well, and enjoy!

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LTS Maker

April 11, 2014

Dark Dracomancer Gear

Dark Dracomancer Limited Time Shop!

Drakor the Dark Dracomancer* is pushing Quibble out of Battleon this Friday to display his Etherstorm wares.** He's got a set of draconic morph gear that will make your enemies fear and your friends /cheer! Click on the different armor parts to turn from human warrior into a draconic death-dealer!

Weyr do you find it? Battleon!

The shop will be available for a week hours... and the countdown begins this tonight!

* Loves alliteration
** You'll be returning to Etherstorm later this month in the Dragon's Descent mini-arc! 

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Update Maker

April 11, 2014

Save the Princess

Battle-testing in Breakstone's New Tutorial

The quest to create a new and improved tutorial continues! Earlier this week, we released the first version of our new Breakstone tutorial for you guys so we could hear your thoughts. We need you to help us make the tutorial as easy to understand, helpful, and engaging for new players as possible! 

Thank you for helping us test!

We've made a lot of changes based on your feedback, including:

  • Have Zorbak mention blue arrows pointing to clickies
  • Add “A Hero is Born” achievement for completing tutorial
  • Add a Cape and a Helm to Zorbak’s shop to showcase shops
  • Change info text to “Double click a monster to begin attacking”
  • Give Galanoth better directional text
  • Rework Zorbak's quest
  • Explain story better (bring back part where Princess explains Ring of Dragon Control)
  • Change Enhancement shop

That is not all of the changes you suggested that we are going to make, though! We've got a running list, and we will keep adding improvements.

How-To Cutscenes Added

One of the best pieces of feedback we received over the last couple days was that you REALLY want knew players to learn how to chat, use the interface, and learn how to report people breaking the rules. We agree!

Yara explains the User Interface

After you finish the last battle, walk past Artix and Robina onto the Slime Road. You'll meet Yara the Paladin. She's got some helpful tutorial cutscenes for you to watch:

  • How to chat
  • How to use the User Interface
  • How to report other users
  • Links to the Design Notes
  • A list of game commands

We are also planning to add how-to tutorial cutscenes for the following:

  • How to use the Enhancement system
  • How to use the Book of Lore
  • How to use shops and your bank

Do you like these tutorial cutscenes? Would you like to see us do more? If so, let us know! These cutscenes will also be added to Battleon AND in the Book of Lore, as well.

High-Level Boss Battles in Breakstone

We REALLY appreciate that you guys are helping us test... but we know that most of you are higher than level 3-6. That's why we added high level versions of the Dread Dragon. If you are a high-enough level, you'll see a button to take you to level 30, 45, or 60 versions of the boss. 

Each version drops exclusive items: the Mystical or Warriors' Beast Master armor and helms!

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Mystery Maker

April 11, 2014

What's Inside Dage's Chest

Get the Key, Unlock the Chest, Get a Prize!

Dage has a surprise for you, heroes! Spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny tonight for a chance to get Dage's Dark Key! On May 7th, one person* with the Dark Key weapon will be selected... and they will receive a custom-made, personalized weapon for them from Dage the Evil! The Dark Key itself will turn into a separate weapon, so EVERYONE who gets the key from the Wheel will get a reward.

Prize inside.

How To Get the Dark Key

  • Spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny before May 6th (when the key will no longer drop)
  • Receive Dage's Dark Key as a reward drop
  • On May 7th, one person who received the Dark Key reward drop will be chosen to receive a custom weapon created just for them* by Dage the Evil!

* The Dark Key will turn into a weapon, so everyone who receives the drop will get a sword. But one person will receive a custom weapon! 

Don't Miss Today's Other Events!

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Moglin High Lord

April 11, 2014

Paladin Rebirth

Artix Action Figure Gets An Upgrade!

The Artix Action Figure now comes with two awesome Paladin sets intead of just one! Starting tonight, when you buy the Artix toy, you'll not only get the original Paladin Highlord set, but also the brand new, absolutely gorgeous Paladin's Rebirth set by Tyronius.

Pick yer pally.

The new set will be available in-game starting tonight (when the release goes live).

Available to new and old buyers alike

You will not need a second code to get Paladin Rebirth, so if you've already bought your Artix figure, never fear! Just open the Toy Artix Shop in your Book of Lore and nab the new items - they are already in there:

  • Paladin's Rebirth armor
  • Paladin's Rebirth helm
  • Paladin's Rebirth cape
  • Paladin's Pride axe

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Contest Queen

April 10, 2014

Battle Gems Contest Winners

Amazing Fan Art lands a Critical Hit on the Artix Team!

The Battle Gems Fan Art Contest was a HUGE success! Undoubtedly our best contest ever!

Battle Gems fan art contest

Over 1,000 entries were submitted to @AQWContests, and it was an incredibly difficult quest to narrow down our favorites (because there were sooooo many awesome submissions)! But, alas, this was a contest, and as such, we had to select the best-of-the-best.

Aaaaaaand here they are!

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations, Jultane_x! You won the 1st Place Grand Prize!


Jultane_x will be awarded with an exclusive Battle Gems Battle Pet for AQWorlds, the 2nd and 3rd place Pets, and a bonus of 1,000 AdventureCoins! Keep up the FANTASTIC work, Jultane_x!

2nd Place Winners

Let’s give 5 rounds of applause to our five 2nd Place Winners!











You guys will receive the 2nd and 3rd place AQW Pets, plus 750 ACs! Woohoo!

3rd Place Winners

If only we had more room in the 2nd place category for these stellar submissions! Check ‘em out and you’ll see why!



Lupus the Wolf

Lupus the Wolf















The Lightness

The Lightness 

3rd place winners will receive a Battle Gems pet in AQWorlds, 500 ACs, and serious bragging rights =)


Yes, yes. Caps lock and 3 exclamation marks are totally necessary! I bet you’re wondering how we contain so much awesomeness? Glad you asked!

Battle Gems fan art contest Drop box folder

Our wonderful Mods & Volunteer Staff Members created a DropBox where all the winners are posted—including runner-ups and special categories! Check out the full list with full sized photos here

(Note: we are working on a way to showcase all the photos, but we need your help! Should we make a YouTube video? Create a new Board on Pinterest? Add them to Facebook? Tweet your suggestions to @BeleenAE or @AQWContest!)

Super Special Thank You!

Speaking of our wonderful Mods & Volunteers… they helped collect EVERY single Battle Gems Fan Art Entry! All 1,085 of them!!! When you see them in-game, be sure to /cheer them on for a job well done =)

  • Aqua Dragon MasterBeleen cheer love pink
  • Sora to Hoshi
  • Tendou no mazo
  • Capn Cio
  • Rysox
  • Gjappy
  • Soki
  • Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Taini Flaremist
  • RelaxBleu
  • Asuka
  • Dropju
  • Eonaleth
  • Gjappy
  • Judge Accumen
  • Morlock
  • Roooooow
  • Zereldo

And a super Thank You to you too!

Thank you everyone who evented the Battle Gems Fan Art Contest! Every one has amazing artistic abilities (so long as you didn’t steal your artwork!), and even if you didn’t win this contest, we are looking forward to seeing your submissions in future contests! /hugs!

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment Team, we are honored to have YOU as a friend, and cannot wait to see what new art you conjure up =D

Battle on, my heroes!

xoxo Beleen

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