Wheel Of Doom FAQ

We've got answers to all your Questions of DOOM!

Not sure how the Wheel of Doom works in AQWorlds? Got a question about how often bonus prizes drop? Then read on, because we've got the info you need to know!

How to get to the Wheel of Doom?

  • Click on the Wheel of Doom button in your Game Menu or 
  • Type /join doom in your chat bar to go to the Wheel of Doom 

How to spin the Wheel of Doom:

  • Buy a Fortune Ticket from Swaggy's Shop.*
  • Click the Wheel to Spin it and get prizes.**
  • Earn free spins just by logging in! Everyone can earn a free spin every week by collecting Gears of Doom just for logging in.  Members also get a free spin every day they log in.

* Fortune Tickets CANNOT be sold back.
**You need to be level 10 to spin the Wheel.

What do I get when I spin?

EVERY time you spin, you will receive:

  • 10,000 gold 
  • Treasure Potion
  • 1 hour EXP Boost
  • A chance for a bonus prize

You can use the Treasure Potions and the XP Boosts in combat or in the Wheel of Doom Merge Shop.

  • Treasure Potion: use it to get more gear from the merge shop.
  • XP Boost: use it to get more XP from battles and quests OR trade it to get a different boost from the merge shop.

Wheel of Doom: Bonus Prize Drops

Each time you spin the Wheel of Doom, in addition to the gold, EXP boost, and Treasure Potion you receive, you'll have a chance to get a bonus prize. These equippable items include Doom versions of some of the game's earliest "Unassigned" rarity items and many items created exclusively for the Wheel. We'll continue adding new sets to the Wheel of Doom's reward table and merge shop in the coming months.

To see a list of what bonus drops are currently available, talk to the Carnival vendors to see the Prize Preview shop.

Bonus items include:

  • Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • Doom Naval Commander
  • Doom Red Star Sword
  • Doom Golden Centurion
  • MechaJouster Class
  • and more!

*items used are examples, not guaranteed to stay forever. Read more below!

Don’t forget this important information:

  • Exclusive items will be available from the Wheel of Doom for a limited time only on holidays and special occasions. These will have higher-than-normal drop rate.
  • You will only be able to get each equippable item one time, no repeats!
  • You will only be able to get the Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness one time, no repeats!
  • Legendary items will be available in the Wheel of Doom for a few months, then will be rotated in and out to make room for other items. 
  • More items will be regularly added to the Wheel of Doom, so keep an eye out for new gear.
  • Bonus Prize items cannot be traded or swapped; getting the prize you want takes real life luck! 

Bonus Prize Drop Rates

You can tell what an item's drop rate is by checking its item rarity in the description.

  • Awesome: 100% (the Fortune Ticket for the merge shop)
  • Epic: 20%+
  • Legendary: 2% - 19%
  • Impossible: .1 - 1%

Read more about drop rates in AQWorlds here.

Not Getting Bonus Prize Drops from the Wheels?

If you are only seeing the Treasure Potions and EXP Boost rewards when you spin, that means you have gotten a LOT of the high-drop rate bonus prizes already or you are having a bad run of real-life luck! 

Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness

If you get very lucky, you may just get an Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness from the Wheel of Doom! If you see that in your inventory, follow the directions in the item description to contact the AQW team and choose a rare item you would like to receive!

  1. If you have the EIoDA, once you contact the team, we'll review your request. 
  2. We'll match up requests with gear from the list of prizes harvested from deleted or abandoned accounts, or donated by generous players (we call them Donation Heroes) 
  3. Should we need an account from a Donation Hero, we will contact them before removing an item to confirm their decision. 

Because we have to do this by hand, we cannot do this for every player. The only way to move items from one account to another is if you receive the Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness from the Wheel of Doom. This is the ONLY way Rare items will EVER return to the game.

Platinum Item of Donated Awesomeness

This item does exactly the same thing the Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness does, except instead of relying on luck, you can save up your Treasure Potions and merge up to 5 of them in the Doom Merge Shop. Each PIoDA token will cost you 1,000 Treasure Potions and a Platinum Doom Token.

What about the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness? 

Back in 2013 and 2014, the original incarnation of the Wheel of Doom included the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness. With the Wheel's return for the AQWorlds 10th Anniversary, the UIoDA has been replaced by the Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness. 

There are now two ways to get the EIoDA:

If you were lucky enough to get the Ultimate Item in the past, you will still be able to get the Epic Item now. 

Wheel of Doom Merge Shop

Each time you spin the Wheel of Doom, you'll get at least 1 Treasure Potion.* These can be used in the Wheel of Doom Merge Shop. Save up your Treasure Potions and spend them in the Merge Shop to unlock extra reward items.

Some Information About Treasure Potions

It is now possible to earn up to 6 Treasure Potions per spin! Here's how:

  • A spin which awards you a bonus item = 1 Treasure Potion.
  • A spin which does not award a bonus item = 2 Treasure Potions.
  • A spin which tried to award you an item you already have by purchasing it in the merge shop = 3 Treasure Potions.
  • A spin after you have ALL possible items = 6 Treasure Potions.

*Due to this being the new and improved Wheel of Doom, we are also able to see how many potions you obtain from the NEW spins.  However, this does not apply to any which were left over from the 2013/2014 version of the Wheel. We're sorry, but we cannot replace any Treasure Potions from spins of the old Wheel.

How to Become a Donation Hero

Our donated item storeholds are FULL up! We are not accepting donations at this time. If we need to re-open item donations, we will announce that in the Design Notes. 

Rare items will not be released again

We didn't plan for ANY of Quibble's items to go rare... EVER... but many of you love your rare items, so we will return "Unknown/Unassigned" Quibble items to the Wheel of Doom and Destiny, but ONLY those items...ever! Items marked "RARE" are perma-rare and no more of them will ever be added to the game for all players again.

*It is possible to receive a Rare item from someone else in the game, but ONLY if you receive an Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness drop. That item is only going to one player; not being re-released to all players.

Cycling "Unknown" rarity items in and out!

Every few months, the "Unknown rarity" items will change out to keep their quantity in-game low. Check the Wheel regularly to see which items are currently on the reward list!

The week before the items are scheduled to cycle out, the drop rate will be raised from 1% to 2% to give everyone one last chance to get them before they become unavailable for a time.

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