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Official Card Game Rules!

...Unless you own the cards.

Official Card Game Rule
  • Battle with honor - always be kind, considerate and fair to your opponent.
  • When playing, it is more fun when you read the cards out loud confidently... or sarcastically... or in silly voices...
  • The cards will change the rules! When in doubt, the card is always right. Check the website below for videos, examples, and super detailed rules. If a rule is being disputed, the owner of the cardgame gets the final say..

Game Play Overview


    Everyone starts with 20 Health. (Use 10 for a quick game!)
  2. Shuffle and Deal

    Each player gets 7 cards. The deck goes face down between the players.
  3. Decide who goes first

    Paper-Rock-Scissors? Flip a coin? Cage wrestling death match?
  4. On YOUR TURN...

    DRAW! - At the very start of your turn, discard as many cards as you want into the discard pile, then draw until you have 7 cards total in your hand. After you are done drawing, play as many cards as you want in any order! EQUIP ITEMS - Some cards, like Armors and Pets say, “Equip on your turn”. To equip a card, place it face up in front of you. Equipped cards remain in play until the end of the game unless your foe finds a way to remove it, or you choose to discard it during your turn. You can equip as many cards as you want on your turn, however, you can only have 1 Armor and 1 Pet equipped at the same time. If you equip a new one, the old one is discarded. ATTACK! During your turn you can make only 1 Weapon or Spell attack and also 1 Pet attack. Add as many enhancements as you want to any attack to increase damage! If you have armor equipped, check to see if it increases your attack’s damage even more. Declare all of your attacks at the same time and when you are done, ask your opponent if they can defend against it. After everything is concluded, all cards used during the attack are discarded. (Except equipped Pets and Armors of course.) BLOCKED!? Use a Counter card to undo a block, trap or even another counter! There may be other creative ways to prevent them from stopping your attack too - read your cards carefully and exploit the rules! ANYTHING GOES! - During your turn you may play as many of your cards as you want. Cards will tell you when and how you can use them. Cards that say “ANYTIME” can be used, literally, at any time... even if it is not your turn... even if the card is still in your hand... and especially if it messes up something your opponent was trying to do! (Example: Stealing their pet with a trap card the moment they try to attack you with it. How rude!) END YOUR TURN - Say “Done!”, or something like that. This officially ends your turn and starts theirs!

    MESS UP THEIR ATTACKS & ACTIONS! Use blocks, traps and card special abilities to reduce or prevent damage. If something says “ANYTIME” you can literally use it at anytime. The most important rule of the game: The cards you play will change whatever just happened. (Example: If you get a chance to steal you foe’s armor while they are trying to use its special ablility... go for it!)
  6. WIN!

    If you run out of cards, reshuffle the discard pile into the deck and continue taking turns until your opponent is reduced to 0 health and you win. Because, clearly you are the master at this game and there is no way your opponent would beat you. In the unlikely that they do, just up the stakes with a “best out of 3,” “best out of 5,” “best out of 9,999,999,” etc... until you are finally considered to be the supreme victor. Battle on!




Extended Rules


As an anything goes game... AQWorlds: Battle On Battle Cards has many cards which change the rules... and can lead to some incredibly epic disputes between players. (Including at least one fist fight between brothers which happened on opening day -- shame on you two! Remember, the #1 rule is battle with honor.) Below are the official extended rules which attempt to prevent future... simliar... um... situations. Pepare yourself for some serious card game rules-lawyer-ing.... BEGIN!

General Gameplay Rules

  1. A player can always discard and draw at the beginning his/her turn as long as it’s done in order:  First discard unwanted cards, second draw new cards, then "do stuff"... like equip cards and then attack. Remember, once you "do stuff" you can no longer draw.
  2. Once a card is placed on the table and you let go of it... it is considered "in play" and cannot be undone.
  3. Attacks do not officially begin until all of the cards are placed on the field and the player declares his/her attack has started.
  4. In each turn, a player may attack with an equipped pet AND one regular attack (A weapon OR a spell)
  5. An enhancement cannot be used by itself. It must enhance an attack (pet, weapon or spell.)
  6. Once you have initiated your Attack, you cannot add any more enhancements.
  7. You can use enhancements on your foe’s attack.
  8. Your health can go above 20 with healing cards.
  9. If a "Stop a Heal" effect stops a group heal, it stops everyone’s heal.
  10. A “stop an attack” card will only stop one attack (either pet, or weapon, or spell). A “stop all attacks” will stop all attacks.
  11. If both you and your opponent place Use Anytime cards on the table, whichever card was placed on the table first will get calculated first, then the second card. This means that if an opponent used an Anytime card that brought your health to 0, you are dead and cannot use an Anytime card unless you have a pet or armor equipped (Like the Healer armor) that allows you to continue to play at or below 0 health.

Trap Rules

  1. You play trap cards straight from your hand. (For players of other card games we also love: You do not need to place them face down)
  2. A trap is faster than an attack. After your opponent declares an attack, you may use your trap pet card to negate the pet attack and/or trap armor card to negate the armor bonuses and dispose of the armor.
  3. If you trap a pet that is enhanced, the enhancements go to the discard pile with the pet and that attack does not go through.
  4. If you use a trap an armor during your foe’s attack, all damage modifiers are removed during damage calculation.
  5. Once a pet, weapon or armor has been trapped or removed from the field, you can no longer discard them to receive their discard effects retroactively.

Rules for Specific Cards

  1. ... from Behind – Swap Hands special cannot be stopped. A Counter card cannot be used against this card because this is not a Block, Trap, or Counter.
  2. As Ordered by the KingDiscarding this card allows you to retrieve a Good type of armor from the discard pile. This means it cannot be an Evil or Chaos armor.
  3. Chaos!!! –It is legal to use this card immediately after your foe has drawn cards. You will switch hands even if your foe will be left with no cards to play on his/her turn.  If you use this card after your foe has laid down some or all of his attack, you trade hands but the cards on the field will still attack you.
  4. Counter – Counter cards can only be used to stop a Block, Trap, Counter card or any card that specifies it can be stopped by a Counter. (Yes… even though they sometimes say "will undo whatever an opponent just did".)
  5. Fluffy The Dracolich - This card has a special which reads, " You cannot die while this pet is equipped." This means that even if you go under 0 health you cannot die. However, if you are under 0 health and the pet is removed in any way... you will immediately *croak*.
  6. Friday the 13th - This card does extra damage when the date is Friday the 13th. If you are physically playing on the border of two places which are in different time zones.... then the effect of the card only works for the person in the timezone that is actually Friday the 13th. (Geez, you guys take these rules so seriously! LOL!)
  7. I AM A MOD! – This card may be applied to a string of other enhancements on an attack making the entire attack un-Blockable. (Shiny Mirror is a block.)
  8. Jimmy the Eye - The special effect “peek at the top card” can be used on every turn, even your foe’s turn.
  9. Moglin Punter – The 2 damage "Use Anytime" effect from this card cannot be stopped. It does not count as an attack and cannot be stopped with a Block. However, a "Use Anytime" Heal card may be applied after the 2 damage has been calculated. If this card brings a player to 0 health, a heal cannot be used because that player is dead (unless that player has a pet or armor equipped that allows him/her to continue to play at or below 0 health.)  Moglin Punter may be used after you finish your attack and before your opponent’s turn. (After all… it says use ANYTIME.)
  10. Rare Hunter - The special effect, “Draw a card from the top of the discard pile” is optional -- you can do it only if you want to.
  11. Shiny Mirror - If you use this card to reflect an attack that might heal your foe, you receive the attack’s healing effects.
  12. Zorbak – The special discard effect (he kicks your foe in the shin for 1 Damage) cannot be stopped. It does not count as an attack and cannot be stopped with a Block. A "Use Anytime" Heal card may be applied after Zorbak’s 1 damage is calculated. If Zorbak brings a player to 0 health, a heal cannot be used because that player is dead(unless that player has a pet or armor equipped that allows him/her to continue to play at or below 0 health.)  Zorbak may be discarded after you finish your attack and before your opponent’s turn. (After all… it says use ANYTIME.)

Quests & Really Crazy things

  1. Can a Quest Attack be blocked? - Yes. So if you ever actually win with a quest... LET US KNOW!
  2. Can I do this? At the start of my turn, can I discard my DoomKnight armor to go through the discard pile and get the Necrotic Blade of Doom... and then, because I have Rare Hunter armor equipped, use its' special ability to pick my DoomKnight armor back up off the top of the discard pile? Answer: Yes. Please continue to do unpredictably awesome things like this... it makes the world a better place to live in.