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Coming Soon: AQWorlds Card Game, 2nd Edition

Inspired by hit online game AdventureQuest Worlds!

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The 100% crazy, non-stop action, anything goes, fantasy card game! Contains 110 cards... everything you need for 2 or 4 players to play anythere using a single deck! It is fast, easy, fun and FULL OF DOOOOOM! One minute you might have a super-damaging attack lined up with a pet, poison, armor, and a powerful weapon that will surely doom your opponent to the grave. But before you complete your turn, your opponent might pull a tricky move that could stop your attack, or worse - send everything back to attack you instead!  But wait! Maybe you got lucky and you had a mirror to reflect HIS mirror back at him and complete your attack. Oh no! Did he just teleport out of the way? In this battle card game, anything goes!
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BONUS! Exclusive Class & Items for AQWorlds


Each box includes a code that unlocks a shop full of exclusive, in-game collector’s items inside the hit MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds

Card Clasher Class

The code unlocks

  • Card Clasher Class
  • Card Clasher Weapon
  • Card Clasher Cape

Card Clasher Class
A powerful class with all new skills. Color customizable!

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