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About AQW Battle Cards!

Anything goes card combat

The 100% crazy, non-stop action, anything goes, fantasy card game! It is fast, easy, fun and FULL OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Each box contains everything you need for 2 or 4 players to battle using a single deck. Equip armors, pets, attack with weapons and add enhancements to do more damage.

Player 1: “I equip DoomKnight armor and a pet sock! Then I attack with the Epic Flail… with poison… while riding a gorrillaphant….  which is riding a Dragon…. which is riding a Frogzard!!!!”
Player 2: “HAH! I use magic mirror to block your attack and reflect your attack back at you!”
Player 1: “EEEEEK! I use teleport to get out of the way!”
Player 2: “HAHAHA! I counter your teleport with Warlic’s hourglass causing it to have never happened!”
Player 1: *hits self for massive damage and begins openly crying*

This is the kind of fun you could be having RIGHT NOW! … or anywhere you take your deck of AdventureQuest Worlds: Anything Goes BattleOn Battle Cards.


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