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Frequently Asked Questions

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... and some infrequent questions too!

If your question is not covered here, please ask us on the forums! If you have a question about the rules, check the rules page. We will be updating the page and making the rules better as we are asked questions. We are really excited about the release of this game and cannot wait to hear your feedback.

Where can I get the Card Game?
Buy the game at and we will ship it to you.

Aww man… do I need to buy tons of booster packs or multiple decks?
NOPE! We designed this game so that EVERYTHING you need for 2 to 4 friends to play is included in the box. This card game uses a single deck to play. It is a fast and crazy game which makes it perfect to carry with you and play during parties, lunch breaks, conventions, and while camping in haunted forests lacking wireless internet.  (Note: You can still play the card game if your haunted forest does have wifi.)

How do I get the Card Clasher Class?
Inside each box, there is one special card containing instructions and a code. Follow the instructions to unlock the Card Clasher Class and other exclusive card themed items to be used in the game at . The class is very powerful and uses all new crazy skills. The code can only be used once. Buying the card game is the only way to obtain this class – it is not available any other way. Read the updated Design Notes Here

It says that the game is for 2 or 4 players… can I play with 3?
In theory,… yes. We tried with 2 and 4 but never with 3! O_O.  Tell us how it goes, OK?

What about 5… can I play with 5 players?
In theory… still yes. Same amount of testing as above and same request to you after trying it. Good luck friend!

How about 110 players? Can I play with 110 players
OK… now you are just being silly :-P But, in theory… yes, you could! It would be madness. I would suggest making everyone have only 1 hit point, giving everyone just 1 card and praying no one actually plays the CHAOS card. *shivers at the thought*
When playing with more than 2 players, what can I do on other people’s turns?
If you are playing on a team, you can use your cards to help your team-mate. Play your blocks, enhancements, special abilities during their give them an edge during their turn. (For example, your friend gets attacked, and you use a block card to try and stop the attack.) If you are playing everyone-vs-everyone…. Hehe, you can do the same thing on anyones turn. (For example, if one foe is attacking the other, and they are a few damage short of defeating their target… toss on a few enhancements to boost their attack’s damage!)

What does the "You cannot die" special mean on the pet, Fluffy the Dracolich?
This pet card is so evil. While this pet is equipped, you cannot die. Even if your health goes below 0. You still take damage normally. But even at -5 health, you do not die or lose the game. However, if you have less than 1 health and the pet suddenly goes away for any reason… *Croak*

Can I add enhancements to my foes attacks?
Yup! (Especially fun to increase their damage a lot then use a card like Magic Mirror to reflect the attack back at them)

Do you approve of “HOUSE RULES”
Yes! A "HOUSE RULE" is a rule made up by the owner of the deck. Typically these rules are the result of a long debate over a whether someone can or cannot do something. When making a choice on a rule, always try to choose the more fun option! Just remember… once “HOUSE RULE” is made, you need to stick with it! (No changing the rule again in the middle of the game)

If I complete one of the “QUESTS” and attack… can it be blocked?
Yes. If you actually complete a quest (we have only seen it done ONE time during testing) it is pretty much a guarenteed win... unless, your opponent can somehow block it. If you win by completing a quest... let us know! We REALLY want to hear the story on how you did it!

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