Auto Attacking and using Skills

Auto Attack
Left click on a monster once to target it. Click on it again to attack!

Auto Targeting
Action Bar
If you do not have a target selected, and use any of your combat skills (located on the combat bar at the bottom of your screen) you will automatically select a target and attack. Very useful in crowded Player vs Player rooms!

Area of Effect (AoE) Spells
AoE attack spells will damage every monster on the screen. Some AoE attacks have a limited range or a limited number of targets that it will affect, such as arch lighting.

Healing Word
As a Paladin, healing word will heal 2 ally players with the lowest hitpoints.
As an Acolyte, you will be able to heal up to 4 ally players on your screen.

Every character has 100 mana regardless of class, however each class handles mana differently. On your character overview panel you can see the specific mana regen model for your specific class.

When you are out of combat, you can regain HP and Mana by clicking on the red & blue Heart button on the lower right of the screen. The longer you rest, the more HP and Mana you regen

Equipping a Class

You can become any Class you want and change Classes at anytime out of combat. Open your inventory, select a Class, and Equip it. You have just successfully changed Class!

Class Abilities

Each Class has different abilities and skills that help determine the outcome of a battle. To use an ability, click an icon on the lower center toolbar on your screen—the first one is 2 crossed swords called the Auto Attack Ability.

Tool Tip

A tool-tip is present when you hover over the ability icon, informing you of the mana cost, cool-down time, and ability description. More abilities will become available as you Rank up your Class, allowing you to perform stronger attacks or heals.

Class and Armor

Classes and Armors share the same tab in your Inventory, but are greatly different. Classes determine what attacks, stats, and skills you use, and can be leveled up to obtain new features. Armors are different aesthetic outfits that you stack on top of your Class, offering a cool, unique look for your character.

Experience and Rank

Your Class Rank Bar
Your Experience Bar

With every victorious battle, you receive EXP, or Experience. Earn enough EXP and level up! Likewise, your class' Rank increases with every victorious battle, unlocking new abilities.


RepThe world of Lore is filled with many different factions. Prove your worth to these
factions by completing their quests and gain very powerful rewards. You can track your character's reputation with each faction by clicking on the player portrait, and then clicking on 'Reputation'.



Monster Difficulty

StarStar system signifies difficulty of a particular monster; the more stars on the monster’s profile, the harder they are!



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