Player versus Player (PvP)

Player verses Player (PvP) combat has made its way into the world of Lore! By competing in Battlegrounds, players can earn Combat Trophies. Combat Trophies can be spent to purchase unique rewards as well as Potions and Scrolls. Join the queue for PvP by speaking with Tutorial Man in Battleon.


The Darkovia Battlegrounds

The war rages on between the Vampire and Lycans! Joining this battleground will place you on a random team where you must battle both monsters and players to achieve victory! For every monster slain, your team will bound closer towards victory. Defeat opposing players and protect your allies! First team score to 1000 wins.


Potions and Scrolls

Potions and ScrollsPotions and Scrolls are unique items that can be equipped and will show up on your action bar. Potions have a long cool-down but offer players a quick burst of HP recovery which may turn the tides of battle. The Scroll of Chain Lighting allows players to cast a spell which shoots out lighting from their hands and bounces off the first target up to 3 additional times for a total of 4 targets hit. The damage from this ability is not modified by the player’s stats.

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