George Lowe Friday the 13th

Special Event!

Ranger Lowe's Creepy Campfire Tales!

Join us this Friday for the biggest, weirdest and craziest event in the history of AdventureQuest Worlds! Narrated by famous voice actor George Lowe (Best known as the voice of Space Ghost), and featuring musical guests Voltaire and One-Eyed Doll…. this is the event you will not want to miss. We are going camping, in the middle of a haunted forest. On Friday the 13th. Where we shall gather round the campfire to roast marshmallows and tell ANYTHING-GOES ghost stories…  and play them as full quest adventures! What could possibly go wrong? ... and what will happen? Will the servers crash? Will you get an ultra rare item? What will the boss monster… or boss monsters…. be?  How many times will George Lowe say his own name in shameless self promotion?  Find out this Friday the 13th. Spook-tastical!


George Lowe Spooky Tales

WHERE: In-game at
WHEN: Friday, August 13th, 2010 @ 6PM EST
WHY: Tell anything goes ghost stories that will play as full quests!
WHO: George Lowe, Voltaire, One-Eyed Doll.... and You!


Narrated by...

George Lowe
Voice Actor

George Lowe

Our new Park "Ranger"

Our host and guide during the event will be the famous voice actor George Lowe. How did we get him to do this event? NO IDEA! You may recognize his voice from such shows as Space Ghost, Aqua Teen Hunter Force, The Brak Show, Robot Chicken.... which are all registered trademarks of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. A Time Warner Company. (Yay for legal-eze!) Additionally, Voltaire, Kimberly and members of the AQW Team will be doing voice acting during the event too!
Featuring Special Musical Guests

Gypsy Pirate Goth Musician


Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids

Voltaire has appeared in the past several AQWorlds special events. He is releasing a new CD! By popular demand from his fans who have kids... this one is for everyone! (As you likely know,  his other CDs were not exactly ideal for the family outing to Grandma's.) This album features the songs 'Brains' and 'Land of the Dead' from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (fun show, I really like it) - the resung songs from the AQWorlds events - and even Voltaire's song that he wrote to help his son get to sleep... - Goodnight Demonslayer. (That one is Artix's favorite.)

Voltaire Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids

The CD will likely hit store shelves by Halloween... and we are really exicted because all of the art was created from our AQWorlds special events with him! He is currently taking pre-orders.

List of Spooky Songs on the CD

  1. Land of the Dead (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
  2. Brains (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
  3. Vampire Club (Twilight version)
  4. Cannibal Buffet (Resung Version)
  5. Day of the Dead (AQ Worlds version)
  6. Tempest (AQ Worlds version)
  7. This Ship’s Going Down (AQ Worlds version)
  8. To the Bottom of the Sea (AQ Worlds version)
  9. The Beast of Pirate’s Bay (AQ Worlds version)
  10. Crusade (Resung version)
  11. Goodnight Demonslayer (Original version)

(ALL AGES) Pre-Order Spooky Songs for CreepyKids

One-Eyed Doll
Melter of Faces

One-Eyed Doll

Kimberly, Junior & Mr. Socks return!

After appearing in game as our 6th Chaos Lord.... Austin, Texas' #1 punk rock band is back with the premiere of a brand new song just for you AQWorlds players. You can download their albums on their website for however much you feel like donating. (Sort of like what Radiohead did... which is really cool!) While you can download the new album for $0 we highly encourage you to support the band (We did!) Those of you who donate $5 or more will get a special surprise after the show.

(AGES 13+ Only) Download One-Eyed Doll Albums



Frequently Asked Questions

This event is bigger than any we have ever tried before. We really hope you like it!

6pm EST!? Will I be able to attend the event?

Yes! We have crafted this event so that players from all timezones can participate. Login any time after the event starts to see what we mean. (See, we just keep betting better at this!)

Will I be able to get the Friday the 13th Achievement

You sure will!

Will there be rares?

... that is sort of like asking if fish can swim. For starters, if you can get your hands on a Marshmallow on a Stick.. you wil be able to use it on the campfire to turn it into a rare item. Then you will be able to turn that item into an even rarer item.

Do I have to be a LEGEND to play in the event?

This event is available for ALL players. After the event there will be a bonus zone with special items for upgraded Legends. Upgrading your account to Legend supports the team and makes events like this one possible! (Thank you)

How long will the event be up?

We guarentee the event will be live one week from launch. Since we are hiding some goodies on monsters in the 4+ new zones... we want to make sure everyone has time to get them.



Friday the 13th Play by Play

Updated live as things happened

See what happened during the hours leading up to the event. During major releases, the Play-by-Play will start around noon on the homepage.
The Forum Thread

Now-o'clock The release is a hit!
"Crasiest release. Ever! ... absolute win." - OutlawedAQW
"IT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT!!!" - VeteranSlayer
"Double Rainbow - what does it mean?" - Dgamer666

Let us know what you think... Artix's Twitter
9:00pm 98% of players are now playing Story #1: The Day Battleon's Brains were sucked out! If you are having trouble... completely close your browser and then come back to and hit the play button.
8:30pm Systems returning to normal...
8:00pm The EVENT BEGINS! (... the entire Artix Entertainment network went KABOOOM!!!!! We broke the interwebs!)
7:00pm Preparing to roll all of the Event Files!
6:10pm Stalling for time... the event will begin at roughly 7pm! 31,000 players online!
5:10pm Pre-event Question and Answer! Ask away
5:00pm Only one hour before the event begins! We are gathering around the campfire and waiting for the event to start in-game....
4:00pm The event will start in 2 hours! Restarted the servers... the pre-release camp is now live! Hang out with us and tell some ghost stories while we wait for the event to begin. I will be in game... so join in if you want to be up to date on what is happening from here on in!
3:30pm 2/5 of the maps are completed and tested. This is going to be so close.... just a few more fixes before the pre-release campsite is available.
3:10pm We are preparing to restart the servers to roll out.... the pre-release camp site!
2:45pm Special Event wallpaper now available at (Thank you Randor the Red) Nearly 20,000 players in AQWorlds already....
2:30pm One of the many maps being released tonight is a puzzle map... requiring you to use a little more mind power than attack power it... it is... ACK! completely broken.... be right back.
2:00pm It is a little known fact that Korin, the game lead of MechQuest who always wears a bag over his head... is a HUGE fan of George Lowe. Which is a shame... because after this event, it is highly likely that Mr Lowe will never talk to us again. This release is so wierd! Only 4 hours left until show time... *gulps*
1:50pm J6 just send us 5 more weapons on top of the other items we have for the release. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table I just head Miko whisper, "What? How do the players on the forums know I lost my shoes?"
1:40pm Adding voice acting out-takes to the members bonus zone.
1:20am Eeep! It is PM! Time travel Faeries beware... I can still type with my nose. Now, let us see how the rest of the team is doing on the quests. The bug report only has.... 519 entries!?
1:05am OMG They are putting ad... *Mmmmffff* (Hiya guys, Cysero here. Artix is not allowed to spoil any of our top secret release secrets so I've taken his fingers from him. He can have them back at the end of the school day.)
1:00am Daaa naa naa na na naaa na na naaaaa nana Friday the 13th! HURRY team! We are running out of time!
12:48am Emergency Pizza has arrived.
12:45am Things are descending into maddness at the Lab. Cysero just announced to the office, "All of the cupcakes have been uploaded! Now there is a stopAllSounds() at the beginning of each cupcake... and the player has been moved" For the record, we have no idea what that means either.... there are no cupcakes in this release. Cysero may be broken. Does anyone have a Cysero repair kit?
12:30am Talking about spooky stories. I just saw the final size of the cutscenes with voice acting and music.... and there are a ton of them.... the bandwidth bill for this event is going on the high score board! You are going to have to guess who the voice of Twig is. (Hint: Not me!) Oh... and be sure to take your time while playing the event and really enjoy it. We built this so that everyone, in all time zones, can enjoy the whole thing. We really hope you do!
12:00am I am contacting Voltaire and One-Eyed Doll to let them know how things are going. (*gulps* Dear Voltaire, Hiya! Just wanted to let you know that despite the development server catching on fire we are still confident that we can make the release as long as the files stored safely on my machine do not... #FA00... error. error. System Failure. Please re-install Windows. Doors. and possibly your Walls." )
11:39am Miko just arrived. Apparently she lost her shoes this morning.
11:30am We are now balancing the boss and the challenge boss fights. For the crazy challenge fight... do you think you can take a level 32 Boss with over 50,000HP? .... in unrelated news, Warlic came out to get a cup of coffee and took the entire coffee pot into the music room then closed the door..... oooh and YAY, Zhoom just arrived!
11:15am There is a debate happening in the lab over who had the superior theme song.... Voltron, Tranzor Z (Mazinger), or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Which, of course, erupted into who could beat who... and Cysero just said, "Voltron is the answer to most of life's questions. When asking yourself... is this the girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with. The answer is VOLTRON!" While this has nothing to do with the bonus zone we are adding to the event for Members... it is vital that we solve this before the release. Here you go: Theme Song and who can beat who giant robot forum thread.
11:00am There are nearly 18,000 players online and we are still 7 hours away from the release. The lab is a veritable pressure cooker as the team frantically rushes to meet the imminent deadline. I loaded up the mug Beowolve made and sent me with chai tea..... this way, if we mess up something on the first try... we will just chai and chai again! (Beleen says:....)
10:48am Whew, false alarm. We added a few new features to AQWorlds last night for this event. We now have the ability to update maps right under your feet without restarting the servers.This way we can do minor bug fixes without a restart.
10:45am Eeeeeeeeeep! ZHOOOOOOOOM! CALL ZHOOOM!
10:30am We took over the DragonFable table today... and siezed control of their table gum. The DragonFable team is setting up in the AQW war room instead. (Shhh... we are tricking Friday the 13th by switching positions. We are not really superstitious.... but we sure do get into the spirit of things!) Also... Warlic just walked in. He did not even have time to pull out his computer before we asked to make a new song for a single scene of the finale-intro cutscene. Things are going to be a weeeee bit close. We have not even tested 4 of the 5 of the maps yet!
10:00am With only 8 hours remaining, the team is tempting the fates by just now starting to assemble all of the pieces making up the release now. Meanwhile, we have been alerted to a number of other impending issues and are taking swift action.... only 30 minutes in and today is already living up to its name!
9:40am Yesterday, we recorded Beleen laughing. To get a realistic laugh... Miko was sent in to tickle torture her. So when you hear the laugh during the event...
9:30am Artix, Cysero, Llussion & Beleen login at the secret underground lab.


What should I do now!?

Prepare yourself adventurer! Level up and prepare yourself for the challenges that await.



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