What to do first in AQW

So you've made your new AQW account and played through the opening tutorial scene in /breakstone, now you're sitting in BattleOn or Yulgars wondering just what to do next?  Your level is still kind of low so you're in need for something engaging but isn't going to kill you but helps you level up.  You're in the right place!  Below is a list of lower level quests that can help you gain ranks, get awesome gear to either equip or sell to increase your gold.

Fight Dwakel's at the Crash Site

Ballyhoo - any level

Noobshire - Level 1 Where inexperienced heroes starts their first Lore mission.

Farm - Level 2  A lovely farm of Lore with spooky scarecrows. Wait! I guess one started moving…

Fire Gem - Level 3 Battle hordes of Skeletal Fire Mages in order to obtain the all-powerful Burn it Down staff!

Willow Creek- Level 4  A river crossing a small town ruled by Calafas.

Battleundra - Level 5 Start your Journey to the Center of the Battleon Town

River - Level 8  Lore fishermen’s favorite place!  Rumor says an ancient sea serpent lies in this place

Guru Forest - Level 9 A magical forest protected by the Spirit of Forest

Lair - Level 8-20 The Lair of Dragons of Lore. Not all Heroes can survive its doom.

Citadel - Level 12 -15 Home to the Grand Inquistor who hates all magic.

Crash Site - Level 15-18 A peaceful place where Dwakels can be seen with their advanced technology.

Marsh - Level 15-20  A deadly swamp loved by Necromancers.

Giant Tale - Level 20 A fun spin on a classic tale.



Take on the Red Dragon in Lair

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