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Moglins are an intelligent race of creatures that inhibit the world of Lore. These adorable little critters come in an array of different colors and have large distinguished ears, stubby arms and legs, and sport a long, softly curved tail. Moglins hold a significant role in the balance between Order and Chaos. Why do such little cute things always hold such secrets?

Generally, Moglins are carefree and friendly, offering a helping paw to any hero who needs assistance. Some Moglins, however, can be grouchy, have a horrible temper, or are just pure evil. Throughout your travels in Lore, you will encounter many Moglins of all shapes, sizes, colors, and demeanors. Below are some of the most famous—or famously notorious—Moglins in AdventureQuest Worlds.



Cuddlier than any fabric softener bear and more puntable than a football, Twilly is a true friend to all. His helpful heals in the town of Battleon have made him one of the most liked and famous Moglins in the world of Lore. No one is quite sure how he got that chunk taken out of his right ear... erm... left ear... erm... well, I guess it depends on which way he is facing (2D world dynamics are so weird)! Any way you look at it, Twilly is a good Moglin that you can count on!



Consumed with delusions of grander and dreams of world conquest, Zorbak is a pure Ebil Moglin. All that stands between him and his wicked goal is... a way to actually do it. So if you encounter Zorbak on your travels, be careful what you give him! If there is mischief, expect to hear Zorbak's signature "Meh heh heh" in the distance!



Quibble Coinbiter is everyone’s favorite never-before-seen-used item salesmoglin who visits the town of Battleon. No one knows if Quibble’s items will show up later or if they will go permanently Rare, so your best bet is to buy everything from his shop in case it’s the latter! Quibble also has the uncanny knack of showing up right before the next Lord of Chaos strikes… and always seems to know an awful lot about the Chaos Lords, too.



Moglins don’t get much cuter than Twig! The story goes that the Lunch Lady Oishii saved Twig as a baby, but after consuming an elemental orb from Oishii’s spice cabinet, Twig gained the power of invincibility! This orb was crucial to Twig’s survival since very few can survive Oishii's signature dishes. Twig has a strange love for fish & ice cream, mixed together in a creamy casserole served with pickles, gummi bears and some hot chocolate. Twig’s adorableness is amplified with his super cute speech impediment.

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