New Years

New Years in online adventure game

Begin in New Years

New Year AQWorlds

Where to go: join /newyears
Who to talk to: Lim
What do to: Help fix with ball with SCIENCE!

New Years NPCs

New Years Shops

Lim’s Quests

  • Circuit Breakers: Find 5 Chewed-Up Wires from the monsters
  • Current Affairs: Get 3 Spare Fuse and 1 Electrical Tape Roll from the monsters
  • Not Finished Yet-i: Collect 1 Faux Foe Fur from Ice Master Yeti

New Year’s Lab

New Years Lab

Where to go: Exit right from Ice Master Yeti or /newyearlab

Who to talk to: Lim

What to do: Prof Iadoa’s messing with the future, Lim needs your help to stop him.  SCIENCE!

New Year’s Lab NPCs

New Year’s Lab Shops

Lim’s Quests

  • Is the Area as Big Inside as the Outside?: Explore the Lab
  • The Final Hour: Get 1 Icy Chainsaw from a Chaos-Saw Sneevil
  • See-Sawing Through Time: Click the arrows for the 6 Pipe Remains Unsevered
  • A Crack In Time Saves More than Nine: Collect 16 Dull Albino Horn and 1 Sharpened Albino Horn from Chaos Rhino Beetle
  • Time Bashes On: Get 18 Chaorrupted Polar Pelt from Chaorrupted Polar Bear
  • Shutdown Squence:  There are four rows of gauges each having four gauges in it.
    • For Temporal Key #2 x, must put the clock at 12:00, use the first row of gauges, click Gauge 1, which is green then click on Gauge 3 which is yellow.
    • For Temporal Key #3 x, must put the clock at 3:15, use the second row of gauges, click Gauge 3 which is yellow then click on Gauge 4 which is green..
    • For Temporal Key #4 x1, must put the clock at 6:30, use the third row of gauges, click on Guage 3 which is yellow two times.
    • Temporal Key #5 x1, must put the clock at 10:45, use fourth row of gauges and click Gauge 1 which is green, Gauge 2 which is yellow and Gauge 3 which is yellow.
  • Chronomancy and Chaos: Defeat Iadoa

Dark Sun

Dark Sun New Years

Where to go: walk to the right in New Years or /join darksun

Who to talk to: Etain

What to do: Help Etain find out what the Nocturan Creed is up to and how it concerns the relationship between a Lycan and his vampire love.

Dark Sun NPCs

Dark Sun Shops

Etain’s Quests

  • Buy Time... or Steal It: Join /timevoid to get 6 Silver Minutes and 6 Golden Hours from Ephemerite
  • Power the Sun: Join /darkoviaforest and click the blue arrows.  Do the same back in /darksun.
  • Interrogate the Night Creatures: Join /lycanwar and get Raskar’s Location and Jealous Whispers, join /vampirewar for Knowledge About Jinella and Unfounded Rumors
  • Nocturan Adept Battle: Collect Nocturan Adept Battle from Aku
  • Weave Light Into Dark: join /darkoviagrave, click the blue arrows and get 5 Solar Flare from Skeletal Fire Mage
  • Battle For A New Start: Defeat Raskar

Bader’s Quest

Fight the Darkness: Defeat 7 Albino Bat iin /darkoviagrave.  Look around /darkoviaforest

Darkovia Forest

Darkovia Forest

Where to go: thru the gates of /darkoviagrave

Who to talk to: Jinella

What to do: Talk with Jinella to help her escape.

Darkovia Forest NPCs

Jinella’s Quests

  • Cloaked in Darkness: Speak to Bader
  • Escape to Freedom: Defeat 4 Dire Wolf and Blood Maggot
  • Shine a Light on Truth: Talk to Etain
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