Fixed Bugs List


Llussion, one of the AE team members who used to code for AQWorlds, has returned to the team to help us smash some of these older Class-based bugs. /Cheer for Llussion, whose coding skills are definnitely NOT illusionary!


Top Priority Bugs List

Do you see any we've missed? If so, report them on our Bug Tracker so we can get them fixed!

Note: Only the top priority bugs that require a programmer's time to fix are listed here. Other bugs not listed here are fixed each week. We will be adding a list to the Bug Tracker soon which will let you see which of those have been fixed!

Class Bugs Resolved


  • Tap imposition can no longer be used multiple times before green card vanishes.

Dark Caster

  • Soul Grasp and Soul Crush now work as intended
  • Using Shadowbolt then Legion Strike is no longer broken


  • Deathgrip no longer increases intake damage as opposed to decreasing by 15% when stacked 5 times
  • Stacking skills no longer do the oposite of what they should.


  • Dark wound stacks 5 times instead of three, as intended.

Doomknight Overlord

  • Miasma skill no longer breaking


  • Brain fog now stacks.


  • "Command Undead" skill no longer causes battle pet to do 0 damage.

Paladin Highlord

  • Infinite party glitch giving infinite damage no longer works


  • Withering Blast's effect Withering Burn now works as intended
  • Withering blast no longer fails to reduce enemy damage


  • Event horizon lasts for 20 seconds, not 12, as it should.

Thief of Hours

  • Timestream with one stack applies the intended effect, but no longer decreases critical damage with 2 and 3 stacks 
  • The Temporal Insanity is now reflects the damage back to the enemy.


  • Prepared strike fades in for 5 seconds instead of 3

Map Bugs Resolved

  • Button on Riddle lord statue now working.
  • Can now join the "Odokuro" boss fight from the world map.
  • The "time for truth" cutscene no longer causes the game to freeze.
  • Page 5 of the frostvale book now works.
  • Blackscreen when trying to return to /pirates map from Fotia no longer happens.

Quest Bugs Resolved

  • Red death quest re-added.
  • Quest chain continues if player opts to do "elements of surprise."

Item Bugs Resolved

  • Dark arts scholar is now purchaseable.
  • Crag & Bamboozle no longer required to do Supplies to Spin the Wheel quest.
  • Level 34 Fighter Weapon Enhancement now working.
  • Potion of Evasion now works.
  • Scroll of Chain Lightning now works, gives cooldown and consumes the scroll.
  • Scroll of Fireball does now works, gives cooldown and consumes the scroll.
  • Scroll of Lifesteal now works, gives cooldown and consumes the scroll.
  • Scroll of Pangs now works, gives cooldown and consumes the scroll.
  • Scroll of Fireblast now works, gives cooldown and resets if clicked on, does not consume scroll.
  • Scroll of Ice Shard now gives cooldown and resets if clicked on, consumes scroll
  • Shurpu tokens in bank prevent players from accepting new tokens. The pop up text letting you know on Shurpu Tokens are already in the bank will be modified to let you know that you have to have it on your inventory in order to stack it.

Last Updated: January 8, 2014, 1:00 PM EST

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