13 Lords of Chaos Guide

Need help in the 13 Lords of Chaos storyline?
Click the following links for a step by step guide to all the Chaotic areas in Lore. 

First Chaos Lord
Second Chaos Lord
Third Chaos Lord
Fourth Chaos Lord
Fifth Chaos Lord
Sixth Chaos Lord
Seventh Chaos Lord
Eighth Chaos Lord
Ninth Chaos Lord
Tenth Chaos Lord
Eleventh Chaos Lord
Twelfth Chaos Lord
Thirteenth Chaos Lord




Tremendous thanks to everyone who helped with this entire Guide!!

Thanks to Coyote, Icy, tflo and Viking_Jorun for the original forum guide, AnimalKing and Abaraa for information and corrections. 

The Lorepedia Team! Asuka, Tendou no Mazo, Optional Geek, ACW0, LafBael, Hina, Aster, Bidoof, Zereldo and Zyrain for all the help.

The entire AQW Wikipedia Team who keep the site updated with all the links I used.

A BIG thanks to all the players who gave information and screenshots, you guys rock!


~Sora To Hoshi

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