How To Claim Your Prize!

Everything You Need To Know To Claim Your IoDA Prize!

This page will share with you how to claim your prize, and give you some tips to follow when doing so.

Before you submit your request, please remember that there is no time limit on these wonderful prizes.  You do not need to rush to a decision.  Take your time!  Scour the AQW Wiki.  Talk to your friends.  Talk to your enemies.  Talk to your pet!  Make sure when you submit your ticket to claim your prize that you are asking for the most perfect prize for you!

Once you have decided on your perfect prize, please head on over to the AQW Wiki and get the URL link to the page for your item to send to us.  This eliminates any possibility of confusion on which item you pick.

Please remember that the prizes are awarded by human beings.  Additionally, many players do change their minds after sending their prize requests, so we have had to put a minimum wait time of one day before we place the prizes.

If by some chance you should change your mind before the prize is awarded, please don’t send a new ticket.  You can add on to your ticket, telling us you changed your mind and would rather have Item B, instead of Item A.

You can view your tickets in your ZenDesk profile.  If you are unsure where to find this profile, please go to and click SIGN IN at the top.  You can also find more help on the ZenDesk FAQ as well.

Please make sure you:

  • Write from the email address on the account! If you do not have access to the current email address on the account, you will need to update it first.  You can get help updating your email address by going here:
  • Place your exact AQW account name on the line which asks for it.
  • Have a bit of patience.  These prizes are awarded by hand, by actual humans who are doing their very best to keep things moving quickly. 
  • State which token you are redeeming.
  • Give the proper AQW Wiki link for the item you want.  It is up to you to know if everything on the item is working as intended, and is exactly what you want.

Once the prize is awarded, you cannot change your mind and request a different item. Please take your time and make sure you are asking for your perfect prize.  There is no time limit involved to redeem these wonderful tokens.

There are some limitations to what you can pick, but they are very few and very reasonable.

You cannot ask for:

  • An item that was made as a personal item for either staff or contest winners.
  • An item to be custom crafted.
  • Badges
  • An item that is a bonus item from a HeroMart purchase. This does include items from the ingame HeroMart which cost more than 2 HeroPoints.
  • Items which come from Book of Lore Achievement Badges, or items which come from quests which require an item from these badges. These are the ones which show up in your Others tab.*
  • Miscellaneous items. (Items must be able to be equipped to be chosen)
  • An item from another game.  The IoDA program is exclusive to AQW.


Please be aware that not all items may be available at any given time.  While we do have a very wide pool of prizes to draw from, there is no guarantee that a certain item will be available all the time.  If you choose an item which is not currently available, you will be able to ask for a different item, or you may save your token to see if it is available at a later date.  We're sorry, but we cannot predict when an item will be available.


The Ultimate and Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness tokens do not stack and are not removed.  You can only ever have 1 each of these items and they are left in your inventory as mementos of your awesome luck in obtaining them.

The Platinum one does stack.  You may redeem up to 5 of these PIoDA tokens, and you can have 1 item for each token. These tokens are not removed from your inventory either. 

The Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness does not stack, but they are removed from your inventory with each prize redeemed so that you may get more.

You do have to redeem the tokens before we can place the prizes though. ***

There is also a very helpful Wheel of Doom FAQ you can also refer back to for other information. 

And finally!  Now it’s time to actually request your prize! 

Please use THIS FORM to submit your request.  For the category, we ask you to please use the Technical Issue, as this will sort the ticket to where we can reply the best. 

Please make sure you are writing from the email address which is on the account.  Due to updates in how the IoDA items are placed, we can no longer do email confirmation at the same time as an IoDA request. You do not need to worry about the name of the original email or location. If you wish, you can leave those lines blank.

For the Description box, please state which token you have won (EIoDA, PIoDA or WIoDA) item, and provide us with an AQW Wiki link to the item of your choice. 

To help be sure you receive the exact item you want, and get it in a timely manner, please copy this and just fill in the information:

  • IoDA Token: 
  • Wiki Link: 
  • Item Name:

Please put anything else you would like to say BELOW it in the ticket.  This allows quicker sorting.  Not using this paste, or using the wrong Help Category may delay placement of your prize.

Once we receive your submission, we will get your prize to you as soon as possible!

*There has been an exception made to the following items for this - Blinding Light of Destiny, Sepulchure's Armor and Drakath's Armor.  However, if you choose one of these items, we cannot award the badge for it.  You will still have to finish the quests to get the badge.

*** The Platinum Item of Donated Awesomeness was removed from the Wheel of Doom on Friday September 13th, 2019 and the Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness was put in.  You can still redeem any unused Platinum tokens you have at any time.

**Update Feb 6, 2019 - Some sanity changes had to be made to certain items due to understandable confusion!  The Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (pet one!) will now only be awarded as the OBoN (Rare).  All classes which had identical names and both an earned and AC variant will only be awarded as the AC variant (hey, this also means free storage though!)

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