Clearing Your Cache

Why Should I Clear My Cache?

Clearing your cache regularly is the single best thing you can do to help ensure you have a happy and bug-free gaming experience.  Bugs which are the result of a stuffed cache make up more reports than all the other issues combined.

Some of the most common things that happen when you do not clear your cache are:

  • Inability to move freely / trapped in invisible walls.
  • Maps failing to load properly.
  • Quest rewards failing to drop.
  • Items in bank not showing up.
  • Excess lag.
  • Clickable items not responding or appearing.
  • Game Menu failing to load.
  • Error 1337 - Epic failure to load character.

Clearing your cache gives you the latest version of the game.
When you play AQWorlds, or any Artix Entertainment game, the game window you see is called the "client." The client shows you the updated files (that make up each release) we put out every week. Those files are stored in your Launcher's "cache."

Clearing your cache may cause the game to load slightly slower the first time you log back in afterwards, as your Launcher is making sure you are getting the most up to date files.

Before clearing your cache, please do the following first:

  • Log out of the game
  • Close your game box

Clearing your cache is not a one time fix.  There are many issues which may arise from a need to clear your cache.  If you encounter any non-art related issues, you should clear your cache first, before filing a Bug Report.


Artix Games Launcher

To clear your cache on the Artix Games Launcher, please open the Launcher and click on the gear symbol in the lower left corner.  This will open a button to Clear Cache.  Click it.  It's that easy!

Here is a screenshot to assist you in finding the icon and what to click:


You can also clear your cache using the taskbar icon.  Once you have opened the Launcher, an icon will be placed in the Hidden Icons list:

If you click on this icon it will open a menu.

You can clear your cache from this menu as well as open any of the games.

You can also drag this icon to your task bar, and it will be visible there every time you open the Launcher afterwards.

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