AdventureQuest Worlds' Epic
2nd Year Birthday Event!

Special Event: Lords of the Mirror Realm
Join us, starting Friday, October 8th for our biggest, craziest event yet! Did you know that on the bizzare date of 10-10-10, everyone's favorite web based MMO is turning two years old? We are throwing the craziest party ever with a new in-game event featuring music, voice acting, epic gear, cutscenes, monsters, mayhem... and it is hosted by the interdimentional singing bards Paul & Storm! Reach the end of the event and you will find a cameo appearance by Jonathan Coulton! Listen to George Lowe's promo spot for the event below :-)

101010 Event!

Hear George Lowe's Promo for the event!

WHERE: In-game at www.AQ.com
WHEN: Friday, October 8th, 2010 @ about 7PM (EST)
WHO: Paul & Storm, JoCo, the AE Team, you, and about 30,000 of our closest friends.
WHY: To celebrate AQworld's 2nd Birthday... crash the servers... score some rare items... and play one of the wierdest events ever created just to brag that you were there!

Event Hosted by Paul & Storm!

Interdimentional Bards of Mystery and Adventure!
They're a hit musical comedy duo from Washington, DC. They are the power behind W00tstock (a series of music and comedy shows also featuring Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage.) They often tour US, Canada and UK with Jonathan Coulton. Really wish we could have seen their performance at PAX this year! On an unrelated note... they are also responsible for at least two internet memes. Paul & Storm are two very unusual, and very funny guys... they run a weekly pod cast called "Paul and Storm Talk About some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average)" If you are over the age of 13, we highly recommend checking it out!

Find out more about Paul & Storm's music and comdey at their official website!

Paul & Storm



Cameo by Jonathan Coulton!

Jonathan Coulton

Superstar of the Inter-webs
Musician and singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton is probably best known for the ending song of Portal, "Still Alive", the theme song from Code Monkeys, and his unbelievable "Thing a Week" where he produced a new and amazingly polished song every week. His music is funny, clever, catchy and.... well, all of us here at the office are fans of his music. Artix, Cysero, Alina and Rolith all share the favorite song of "Skullcrusher Mountain."

We are really excited that JoCo has offered to be a part of this event! (Cysero, being the fan-boy that he is, giggles like a little girl every time he gets an email from him.... hmmm, youTube video?)

Check out his music and learn more about him at his official website!



Level Cap Being Raised during the event!
The level cap for AQWorlds will be raised all the way to 35.

More obtainable inventory space added!
To make more room for the rare items coming in the event, the maximum aout of inventory space that you can expand will be increasing by 10. Zhoom said this was not a good idea.... but we assured him if we gave the hamsters powering the servers some tasty power treats we will be fine!

Are the servers going to crash during the live part again?
Yes. You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?

WHAT!? Are you serious?
Probably. During the last event, we made a huge mistake which caused 30,000 players to suddenly and simultaniously grab multi-megabyte files at the exact same time from the wrong place on our network. (Kabooom!) This time we are doing that fancy pants cloud-computing type thing which should handle the load. However, if Joco tweets his 60,000 followers on Twitter for the event... we might have end up discovering a brand new way to crash the servers on Friday :-)

"You're not having a good event unless we break everythingf!" -Artix Von Krieger

What is the MirrorRealm?
This special event takes place in another dimension. We don't know very much about it... thankfully Paul and Storm are experts on the subject!

This is going to be goooooood....

Will I still be able to play if I miss the event on Friday?
Yes! You and all of our international friends will be able to play the full event during the weekend and all week long! However, when the event goes away, it may never come back. Most things only celebrate their 2nd birthday once. O_O

2nd Upholder Achievement
If you missed out on becoming a Founder or 1st upholder, do not miss out on becoming a 2nd Upholder! If you support the game by becoming a Legend in October (or having an active Membership on November 2nd) you will obtain the 2nd Upholder Badge and be bestowed the ultra rare Onyx Star Sword. The badge will be displayed on your character page. Without members like you, events like this and friends like Paul, Storm and JoCo there would be no AQWorlds! Thank you for making all of this possible!

Head to the homepage and play!

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