Bug Reporting: Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens To My Bug Report?

Many players seem curious about how bug reports are handled. This is how a bug report moves through our system. 

First, when sending bug reports there are 2 things that you need to do.  Please always send the bug report from the button within the Launcher UI.  This ensures that we have accurate information for processing the report.  A bug report sent from any other source means we don't have the full information that is vital to resolving bugs. 

The second is always send your bug report from the registered email address on the account.  We cannot reply to any other email address for a bug report.  If you need to update your email address, please contact Artix Support.

A Bug Report Is Filed

This sends the report to a folder where it is first read by the Bugs Lead or Co-Lead and the appropriate action is determined.

Is It A Known Issue?  Yes.  

Can player fix it on their own? Yes.
Your ticket is forwarded to our ZenDesk reply center and Artix Support sends a reply with directions on how to fix the issue.**

Can player fix it on their own? No, but Bugs can make fixes for the player.
The fix is made, and an email is sent informing player of the fix, and where applicable any steps they can take to prevent a similar issue from recurring.

Yes, but report is an account issue.
An email is sent directing player to the proper section of the Help Pages to contact the Artix Help Team.

Is It A Known Issue?  No.

Report deals with an ingame issue.
The report is sent to a folder where all of the AQW Bug Hunters can then access it and test it.

Can the report be replicated?  No.
The report is held for up to 3 months and tested repeatedly throughout this time.

Can the report be replicated?  Yes.
The report is noted with the exact steps taken to replicate the issue and then sent to the Developers to fix.

Different Developers fix different aspects of the game.  This means that not all fixes will be able to be done immediately.  The ones which cannot be done immediately are put on a list to be fixed based on their priority and then fixed as soon as possible. 

We would like you to be aware that art reports are not always changed.  Most art reports are opinion based and in that instance, what the artist intended is what will be used. 

Every report is important to us!

We do read each and every report submitted.  We do not have any automated systems.  That means a human being has to go through the reports and send them to their proper destinations.  This is also why we urge you to give every single detail you think can possibly be part of the issue being reported.  The more we know, the easier it is for us to send the report to its proper place for fixing.

You may notice that we only send an email in three of those instances.  We do not have an automated response system and we simply do not have the manpower to respond to every single report sent. In many cases, all we could do would be to say “Thanks, we got it!”. 

So if you have sent a bug report, Thanks, we got it!

Our time is better spent on moving the reports along and testing them to get issues fixed.  

**The investigation and instructions are still written by AQW Bugs, but all replies are now done through ZenDesk ticketing system.  This is why you may get told to report a bug, and then when you do it looks like you get a reply from the same agent who instructed you to report it.

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