AQWorlds Boost Guide

Guide to AQWorlds Boosts

Table of Contents


1. Frequently Asked Questions

2. Legend

3. Passive Vs. Active Boosts

4. Boosts by Item Type

5. Boosts by Damage/Reward Type

6. Recommended Boost Items

7. Special Event and Other Boosts

8. Credits

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are boosts?

 Boosts are percentage based (1% - 100%) bonuses or additions, to damage or a reward. They can be a passive equip, or an active timed boost.

Do passive boosts from gear stack?  

No, You will only benefit from the last item of each type of boost you equip. So for example if you equip a +5% damage item first, then equip a +3% damage item, you're only going to benefit from the +3% bonus and not any damage boost from before. 

However, different boosts can be used together (ex: reputation boost from cape, damage boost from weapon, gold boost from helm) and active timed boosts will stack with gear boosts.

Special Event and Other Boosts:

The staff may occasionally have boost events, these can be anything from Double EXP Weekends to a holiday Rep and Class Point Boosts. The team can even give everyone small boosts just because it's a staff member's birthday, really whenever they want to with whatever boost they want. 

Game Boost Add-On

The Game Boost AC Add-on is an option when buying AC packages for $5 extra. It gives 7 (1 hour) Rep, Class, Gold, and EXP Boosts (for a total of 28, with a 4200 AC Value) along 50,000 gold.

The Wheels of Doom and Destiny [/link]provides a [link=]Doom XP Boost! (1 hr)[/link] every spin, that can be used or merged into a Doom Reputation, Gold or Class Boost.
[hr][center][b][size=3]Credits:[/size][/b][/center]27 October 13  - New guide created by Msm.27 October 13  - Thanks to Zyrain for formatting and idea help.03 November 13 - Guide finished and polished.04 November 13 - Big thanks to .Shadow// for the banner.14 November 13 - Small thanks to monster116 for idea help.

Guide created by Msm.

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