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Have you ever wanted to gain more experience, gold, reputation, class points, or deal more damage? There’s several ways in AdventureQuest Worlds to increase your performance, and they’re referred to as boosts. There’s several categories of boosts- consumable boosts, server-wide boosts, and item boosts.

Server-wide boosts are usually tied to events like daily gifts, holidays, or special events. These are simply active at designated times (which you can check on the daily gifts page, and generally last a few days at a time. Nothing complicated. Just log in and play!

Consumable boosts are misc items that you can obtain through a variety of methods, and are used up to give you a limited time increase in gain. These can come from the Wheel of Doom, daily login bonuses, certain quests in the game, upgrade package bonuses, or be directly purchased with AC’s. To find out more, visit the wiki pages for the boosts.

These either last 20 minutes or 60 minutes, and their expiry timer will pause while you’re offline. This means that you can log out in the middle of a boost and log back in the next day with the boost still running!

Item Boosts are found on pieces of gear that you may encounter while adventuring. These are indicated by small icons in the item inspection panel in the inventory for the item, beneath the stats, and are often mentioned in the item description.

If you’ve found one of these, congratulations! Item boosts can give you significant increases in damage, experience types, or gold obtained when equipped. Boost amount and extra details can be found by hovering over the respective icons. 

Boost Types

Damage boosts are only found as item boosts, on gear. Reputation, Gold, Class point, and Experience boosts can be found as item boosts, consumable boosts, or server-wide boosts. You can view your currently active boosts on the stat panel.

Damage boosts directly give you an increase of damage dealt, and can only be found as item boosts. They can appear as either all damage boosts or boosts to specific monster types. Monster types can be viewed by enabling the Show Monster Type option in the advanced options. Monsters don’t always have a type and players never have a type, but damage to All boost will still apply to them.

All applicable damage boost types will be used in combat, and are multiplicative with each other. For example, if you have +25% damage to All, and +50% damage to Chaos, you will deal 1.875x or +87.5% damage to Chaos monsters!

There are currently 8 types of damage boost:

  • All
  • Dragonkin
  • Undead
  • Chaos
  • Elemental
  • Human
  • Orc
  • Drakath

Damage boosts apply to all direct damage dealt (including heals and self damage), except for damage over time and heal over time effects. Direct damage can be identified as all damage that shows a number.

Reputation boosts increase all faction reputation (e.g. Dwarfhold, Arcangrove, Treasure Hunter) that you obtain.

Gold boosts increase all gold you gain from defeating monsters and turning in quests. Gold obtained by selling items is not affected by gold item boosts. Once you have 100,000,000 gold, you will stop obtaining more gold, but you keep the amount that caused you to exceed it.

Class point boosts increase the amount of class points you obtain from defeating monsters. 

Experience boosts increase the amount of experience you earn when defeating monsters and turning in quests. If you acquire more experience than is needed to level up, your leftover experience will be carried to the next level, however, you can only level up once per gain in experience. 

Multiple Boosts

Multiple categories of boosts can be active at the same time, multiplying their effects together! So you can have a server-wide boost, a consumable boost, and an item boost active at once. If you have a 2x server-wide gold boost, a gold boost consumable, and +25% gold item boost active, you will gain 5x gold!

However, you can only have one of each category active at once. You cannot activate two consumable boosts of the same type at the same time. You can only have one of each type of boost active at once as an item boost. So, you can have one gold boost, one reputation boost, one experience boost, one class boost, and one damage boost towards each monster type active. When equipping multiple boosts of the same type, you will always use the highest highest boost. For example, if you have a +10% and a +25% gold boost equipped, only the +25% will be active.

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