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We are back from DragonCon!

Your friendly Artix Entertainment team was at DragonCon -- the largest multi-media, pop-culture convention focusing on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and film in the US! If you have never seen one of these before... it is best described as a four-day long costume party for college-age+ fans of everything geeky!

This is the story of our adventures there. We ran two panels, threw a party (likely the only PG-rated party in all of DragonCon) and let Zorbak run around and take LOTS of photos. Read on!

Soem of the friendly Artix Entertainment Team


Panels Panels Panels!
Two Panels

What is a panel you ask? It is sort of like giving a public speech at school... except people are going to take videos of everything you do wrong, and um um... post them on youTube. While we are highly trained and skilled at embarrassing ourselves thoroughly online, we have never had a chance to humiliate ourselves publicly... before now!

So we were pretty sure it was going to go like... this...

Bad Dream Panel

Awww, look at sad Artix sitting all alone. Not even the team showed up. So, we found a copy of photoshop and re-edited the picture to include people.

First ever Artix Entertainment Panel

Cysero opened up by holding his cell phone to the mic and playing the ending theme song to Portal... "This is a triumph... huge success...." So many Runehawks were there!

Everyone in the crowd took out their cell phones and started waving them while singing along like at a concert. Cysero was really the life of the panels - he was cracking non stop jokes and being the blunt "have a good day.. or else" person you would expect. Instead of introducing ourselves we had a contest and hurled moglin plushies at the first person to correctly identify us. Which worked great and lowered the audiences defenses against the more dangerous things we started throwing next.

The AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest team

About 100 people were at the first panel. We felt so grateful when we learned that some of you came from so far away to see us! One person came in costume as the Mysterious Necromancer and a girl came all the way from Canada who's grand mother hand crafted a DragonAmulet for her to wear!

A real DragonAmulet!

We had the first public screening of MechQuest: Death from Above (actually, we would have at the first public screening of Artix vs the Undead except.. *coughs* I lost the file.) We showed some very old and never before seen sketches from Thyton and Oishii (including how DragonFable *almost* looked) and... oh boy are they going to kill me when they find those images you snuck online Knyghtshadows! (and I know you are reading this *shakes finger like a school teacher*)

Meeting the players of AdventureQuest

I hope we made you all feel really special during the panels. Because WOW did you make us feel special! We will never forget being asked to sign your left socks!

Giving out special AdventureQuest pet cards!

We told a lot of stories at the panels. Like the one about Fae, the animal shapeshifter who is allergic to animals from DragonFable.. who has been in almost ALL of our ads. Cysero let out the secret that we thought it was so funny that she has been in all of the ads but not in the game that we are intentionally putting off adding her for as long as possible to keep the joke going.

Warlic and Thyton could not come this year. BUT... we called up Warlic and stuck the phone up to the mic. Warlic said, "MYSTERIOUS!" and hung up.

Safiria, Cysero and Galanoth

The team stayed up having fun until nearly 6am every night of DragonCon... so you can only imagine them stumbling like zombies down to our second panel at 11:30am panel on Sunday in the Sheraton. Cysero stole the bathrobe out of my room and wore it through the whole thing... as you can see as he is announcing during our first ever...

This was how we ended panel #2... they were actually trying to kick us out while we were kicking Twilly (want one?). While no one hit the goal... we did his the DragonCon official who was in charge of not letting us destroy his room 5 times!

Moglin punting for fun and profit

You can see some more things that no one should ever see from these panels on this completely crazy forum post.We have out a good number of prizes... and then when we ran out of prizes we started giving out food... when we ran out of food... well... let us just say a few spots opened up on the team.

OMG my arms look HUGE in this picture - Artix

These are memories we will cherish always.... OH WAIT! We did not even tell you about the party yet!


Party Time!
Woah... so many people we upgraded it to a raid!


LF 39 more - Molten Core. We had a suite on the top floor (47) of the Marriott. We were on the same floor a lot of the famous actors who were at the convention were staying. We unintentionally threw a party every night... but the biggest, and the best was the AE Gaming Party which ended DragonCon with a bang. Now, as you may already know -- I do not drink, nor smoke, nor do drugs. I do like coffee a weeeee bit too much (but everyone gets one!) So we had what was likely the ONLY PG-rated party in all of DragonCon! It was so packed at one point that the room temperature went over 100 degrees and people were standing in the bathroom and down the hall.

Artix PArty

Voltiare, the pirate/gypsie/goth musician (you may have heard his music in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy "Brains, Brains" and in our Deady minigame) had a concert that night. Normally he goes to his booth and meets with his fans never-ending line of fans, but he came STRAIGHT up to our party after the gig (effectively nullifying my PG rating) That was quite an honor and I will always remember the inspirational words he shared with me during our conversation.

Voltiare Safiria Artix and the Mysterious Necromancer
(Safiria and Voltaire) ........ (Artix and the Mysterious Necromancer)

Players, parents and friends all joined us on this special night. We really enjoyed getting to talk to everyone and hear your thoughts about the games and the new MMO. I only wish that EVERYONE could have been there (especially you) That is why we decided we are DEFINATELY going to do this again. I hope you will be able to join us!

Special Events
  • Cysero's left sock
    As mentioned on the design notes, Cysero did indeed give people their left socks back. He actually carried a giant bag of socks with him every where he went during the convention.
  • Dragon Give Outs
    We bought a bunch of bargain bin prizes that we hurled at the audience during the panels. We also gave away Twilly and Zorbak Plushies, T-shirts, and candy.
  • First meeting of old friends (What!?)
    As you know many of our incredibly friendly team work remotely around US, Canada and the rest of the world. This will be the first time many of us finally got to meet in person. Westwind baked truffles for everyone... they were soooo good! We are always surprised at how amazing we all get along in real life when we finally meet. We really do have a great team of people. On our first night, 18 of us went out for sushi to celebrate.


Who was there?

A lot of your favorite AE Team members were present. Here is the official list.Zorbak

  • Artix
  • Galanoth
  • Cysero
  • Zhoom
  • Safiria
  • Nythera
  • Rolith
  • Jemini (She designed this mini-site)
  • Korin
  • Alac
  • Westwind
  • Geo
  • Aisha
  • Aelthai
  • Zorbak and Twilly

We would like to thank all of you who came so much! Thank you for all of the great feedback on the forums too. If you were not able to make it, do not worry because we were invited back to DragonCon (official acceptance notice!) and we are definitely going to go to some more conventions hoping to meet you!

Battle on!
Artix & The AE Team

Now... see the ZORBAK goes to CON site for new photos!

P.S. The only thing we missed... we had with us all of the old photos from when we used to build the games in my house to when we moved to that dentist-office sized place and here to the secret underground lab. But we ran out of time and got kicked out of the panels before we had a chance to show them. So if you want the missing piece of the story.... *smiles* see you at the next convention!


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