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Artix Entertainment Upgrade Cards



You can purchase Artix game upgrades using physical retail store scratch-off PIN cards. Buy a card at a store near you, and then use the PIN number on that card to get ARTIX POINTS. These points are special universal currency that you can then use to get any Artix game upgrade!


Where to Buy Cards



How to Redeem Artix Cards

  1. Log in to your Artix Account, or create a new free account
  2. Click Get Points and click Upgrade Cards
  3. Enter the PIN Code and follow the instructions.
  4. You can redeem more than one card to collect enough Artix Points to get the biggest upgrade you want!


How to Redeem Other Cards

  1. Log in to your Artix Account, or create a new free account
  2. Click Get Points and select the amount of Artix Points you want.
  3. Choose the payment method, or type of card you wish to use.
  4. Click Buy Now and follow the instructions.


How to Use Artix Points

  1. Log in to your Artix Account
  2. Click on My Games
  3. Scroll down to see a list of game accounts linked to your Artix Account.
    If you do not see the game account listed there, click Link Account
  4. Click on the yellow button under Account Info and Upgrades.
  5. Select a game account, character or game upgrade package.
  6. Confirm your purchase using Artix Points and you're done!


NOTE: It is much faster and easier to purchase Artix Points online using PayPal or Credit Card. Our websites are secure and it makes the moglins happy. But if you are unable to do online purchases or feel safer buying Artix Game Cards in person, they are available at many retail stores.

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