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Want to get in the ring with the stars of Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling? Create a FREE account and join millions of players inside the hit online game AdventureQuest Worlds! This game plays right in your web browser and is updated with new things to do every week! Gear up with powerful armor and weapons and meet the "SUPERSTARS" of MCW in the exclusive special event, "Dwarves vs Giants!"
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Micro Championship Wrestling (MCW)

As seen on TV and in Wrestling Rings around the world, we are the original, often immitated, never duplicated stars of Hulk Hogan's Micro ChampionShip Westling! Our Micro Athletes may be short in stature, but they make up for it in hard work, will power, and determination. Once you see us wrestle, you will be a Micro Maniac for life! Become a fan and come see us wrestle LIVE in our next show near you!
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Play the Special Event "Dwarves vs Giants"
WHAT A special in-game event with the stars of Micro Championship Wrestling. New storyline, new monsters, new weapons, new armors, new animated cutscenes and even some voice acting from the wrestlers!
HOW Login to the AQWorlds video game and look for the "MCW Special Event" button.
MORE! The MCW crew visited the lab and recorded their catch phrases and battle crys! Also, our artist, Dioz, created the cover for their special edition comic book! This event has been so much fun to work on, we hope you enjoy it! Get the behind the scenes story on our Design Notes.
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Jersey Jess Jersey Jess Facebook Jersey Jess's Twitter
Short Sleeve Sampson Short Sleeve Sampson's Facebook Short Sleeve Sampson's Twitter
Meatball Meatball Facebook
Blixx Blixx Facebook
HuggieCub HuggieCub Facebook
Also this weekend, MCW will be performing at the MegaCon convention which is taking place in Orlando, Florida, USA. Show times are 2pm daily at the MCW ring. If you are attending and are an AQWorlds and/or Artix Entertainment fan... DO NOT MISS the match on Saturday!
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