Infernal Invasion: The Message

On the Outskirts of Darkovia...

... A pack of lycans scouts skirted around the border of the Lycan Kingdom and Doomwood. The forest was quiet, but something was unsteady. The Alpha of the scout pack lead the patrol  with the Beta close behind. Word of a demonic invasion spread throughout Lore after the assault of Lightguard. Until recently, Infernals were just ghost stories, tales told to young pups to keep them in line. Now, those stories have stopped. The adults were the ones that were scared now. The Infernals were here on Lore and they are hungry. They want land, they want blood.

The Alpha lead the pack into a thicket of trees. The pack kneeled down for a quick rest and placed down their weapons except for the Beta who kept watch. Suddenly, the scent of sulfur filled the snouts of the lycans but before they could locate the source, the Beta was sent flying by a crimson blur. He landed with a whimper and became a mound of inanimate fur. The pack quickly drew their long daggers and got in formation. Three Infernals now surrounded the pack. How did they sneak up on them? Surely they would have smelled them from a mile away by their awful stench. No matter. The Infernals were outnumbered five to three. Then, like lightning, one of the Infernals sent its bladed tail swinging at one of the scouts, slashing its chest. The lycan’s body retracted but quickly countered with a growl, swinging its dagger at the demon in front of it. The blade hardly scratched the thick, sanguine caprace of the Infernal. Without hesitation, the Infernal leaped forward, with wings outstretched, and tackled the wounded lycan to the ground, crushing it.

The four remaining lycans swung with all their might, following their Alpha’s orders diligently, hoping to survive the encounter. A glowing blade hummed through the air, striking another lycan down. Celestial magic! Impossible! How would the Infernals attain such powerful magic? The two lesser lycans cowered behind their Alpha as the three Infernals approached closer and closer. Despite the losses, the Alpha was not backing down. This was Lycan land and he was not allowing any Infernal to claim it. The Alpha charged at the leftmost Infernal and lunged his daggers into the hideous creature. The force was enough to pierce its tough exterior and dispatch the beast. It let out a horrible wale and collapsed with a sickening crunch. This enraged the other two as the quickly rammed the Alpha to the ground and buried their Celestial weapons into the helpless lycan’s body.

With their Alpha gone, the two remaining lycans attempted to retreat to their King’s den. One did not make it very far as the two Infernals slammed it into a nearby tree. The last lycan dropped its weapons and broke down on all fours at full sprint. He dodged between trees trying to lose his demonic pursuers. He no longer heard them as he got closer and closer to the King’s den. Then, without warning, a tail swung through the night, knocking the wind out of the young lycan. As he fell to the ground, the two Infernals emerged like shadows from the trees. One of the Infernals pinned the exhausted lycan to the ground as the other extended its claws. The tips of the claws seemed to glint in the moonlight. That’s when the scout realized what armored the Infernal’s deadly claws…. Silver. The terrifying beast opened its mouth revealing gnarled teeth. The stench of rotten eggs poured out of its salivating maw. “YOU WILL DELIVER A MESSAGE” the beast spoke in a deep, thunder-like voice. The lycan let out a painful howl as the silver-tipped claws of the Infernal seared into his chest.

Outside the den of King Constantin, two guards stood vigilantly. Through the silence of the night, the heavy beating of large, leathery wings pounded like drums. It was too loud to be the vampires, that meant… The guards looked up to see two crimson masses hover above them. They swiftly drew their crossbows and fired. The Infernals dodged the bolts with ease. One of the Infernals dropped a large, brown object and, together, the two Infernals darted away into the night. The object landed with a loud thud and the guards quickly approached it. They turned it over to reveal the bare chest of their fallen comrade. On his chest was inscribed --


Story by: Inanitas

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