Earth Day Guide

Combine Your Powers to Save Lore!

Help Captain Lore save our home from nasty General Pollution before it's too late!

Begin in Pollution

Where to go: /join pollution
Who to talk to: Captain Lore
What to do: Help Captain Lore stop General Pollution and save the Renewable Energy Platform.

Pollution Shops

Pollution NPCs

Captain Lore's Quests

All Wet: Collect 4 Water Core from Water Elementals and 1 Chaotic Water Core from Kuro.
Flame On: Collect 4 Fire Core from Fire Elementals and 1 Chaotic Fire Core from Thermax.
Plant Matters: Collect 4 Stone Core from Rock Elementals and 1 Chaotic Stone Core from Stone Golem.
Breaking Wind Turbines: Collect 4 Wind Core from Wind Elementals and 1 Chaotic Wind Core from Ozone.
Chaos Footprint: Defeat General Pollution.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Get 2 Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water Essences from the monsters.
Go Green Like A Boss: Get a Chaotic Earth, Fire, Wind and Water Core from the Elemental Bosses.


Totengeld Factory

Where to go: /join totengeld
Who to talk to: Captain Lore
What to do: Help Captain Lore shut down the Totengeld Factory.

Totengeld Shops

Totengeld NPCs

Captain Lore's

These quests can only be completed once.

No More Chainsaws: Get 6 chainsaws from Chainsaw Sneevils.
Cage Rage: Free 6 animals by clicking the arrows.
Factory Cleanup: Fight 8 Toxic Waste.
Find a Way In: Get the Employee Keycard from the Horc Minion.
More Like DourDrank: Collect 10 PowerDrank Cartons from Factor Sneevils.
Day Without Incident:0: Destory 4 Valves and 2 Circuit Boxes.
Boot to the Head: Defeat 12 Horc Minions.
Defeat CEO Totengeld: Defeat Mecha Totengeld.

Lore is saved thanks to you and Captain Lore!

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