Talk Like A Pirate Guide

Arrrr Matey's here be ye Guide for TLAPD.


Quibble's has plundered some loot if ye be finishin' his quests.  This map and quests are only avaliable during the Talk Like A Pirate event.

Begin in Lolosia

Where to go: join /pirates
Who to talk to: Quibble Coinbitter
What to do: Complete all of Quibble's quests for the "Avast" character page badge. (Must be an active Legend to get the badge).

Lolosia NPCs

Quibble's Quests

Aye for an Aye: You'll need Barbed Horror from /yulgars or /swordhaven weapons shop.  Get 5 Chaos Sp-Eye Eyeballs from Chaos Sp-Eyes in /mobius or /watchtower then collect 5 Speyeder Eyeballs from Speyeder's in /willowcreek
Skull Crossed and Bones: You'll need Skullface Mace from /doomwood (requires rank 2 Doomwood Rep).  Then get 10 Bone Dust from Skeletal Warriors in /battleunderb.
Off the Hook: Get the Hook Sword from Kage, Ninja or Samurai Nopperabo in /hachiko (these monsters are in several Yokai Island maps). Then get  Fishin' Hooks, talk to Faith in /guardguardwest (requires rank 6 Fishing).

Booty and the Beast: Slay Beast Maker in /neverbeast, Beast of Pirate Bay and Braken Head in /voltaire, Shadow Serpent in /darkdungeon. legendsmall.png
A Pirate's Lunch for Me: Collect 2 Natatorium Kelp Bread from Anglerfish and Merdraconian in /natatorium. Get 6 Acornet Butter from Acornet in /cloister and 6 Crystalized Jelly-fish from Crystalized Jellyfish in either /battleunderc or /earthstorm. legendsmall.png
Thee Seven C's: Defeat Chaorrupted Invader in /highcommand, Cloaked Fiend (lvl 10) in /darkness, Copper Sky Pirate in /anders, Cadaverous Creeper in /tunnel, Capt. 000000Beard in /pirates, Cellot in /wind and Chaobold in /academy. legendsmall.png

Begin in TLaPD

Captain Rhubarb has a pirate quiz for you.  If ye answer incorrectly ye be sent to Davy Jones' locker to fight a sea beast.

New content will be added soon!

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