Frostval Saga

A Guide to a very cool adventure

Happy Frostval Holiday from Frostvale in AQWorlds

As snow starts to fall, bells begin to ring and creatures from deep inside the Northlands begin to surge towards Frostvale! This little town, home to moglins and villagers alike, has seen attacks every year they can remember. They need a hero to defend them... and all of the gifts they build for the Frostval holiday festival! Will YOU be that Hero?

Hurry to Frostvale and speak with Robina to begin your journey to save our winter holiday!

Begin in Frostvale's Snow Path! 

Frostval banner

Where to go: /Join Frostvale 
Who to talk to: Robina
What to do: Start by accepting Robina’s quest

Snowpath NPCs

Robina’s Quests

Click Robina's ! to begin these quests

  • Rescue Blizzy: rescue Blizzy from Frosty

  • Scary Snow Man: Defeat 2 Snow Golems


Frostvale in online adventure game

Required: Must have completed Snow Path

Where to go: Walk UP the path from Robina

Who to talk to: Robina & Beleen & Major Moglin

What to do: Help Robina & Blizzy save Frostval, get pink-o-fied goodies at Beleen’s birthday shops, and have a snowball fight (of course!).

Frostvale Shops

Frostvale NPCs

Major Moglin’s Quests  

Required: Must have completed Ice Cave to unlock him and Factory to get his quests

  • ‘Twas The Night Before Frostval: Find Frostval Book Cover
  • Page 2: Find page 2 and the Page Detector
  • Page 3: Find page 3 and the Page Detector
  • Page 4: Find page 4 and the Page Detector
  • Page 5: Find page 5 and the Page Detector
  • Page 6: Find page 6 and the Page Detector

Ice Cave

Ice Cave

Where to go: Click the button when you talk to Robina or walk to the left, up the bridge and to the left or /join icecave

Who to talk to: Blizzy

What to do: Save the moglins and keep Frostvale safe from spiders, bears and a dragon!

Ice Cave NPCs

Blizzy’s Quests

  • Moglin Popsicles: Free 8 of Blizzy’s Moglin friends
  • Crystal Spiders: Get 6 Spider Legs from Ice Spiders
  • Fluffy Bears: Get 3 Fur Patches from Polar Bears
  • Blue Eyed Beast: Get Frost Dragon Scale from the Frost Dragon


Toy Factory

Required: Must have completed Ice Cave

Where to go: Click the button when you talk to Robina or walk up or /join factory

Who to talk to: Blizzy

What to do: defeat the Sneevil’s that have overtaken the Toy Factory

Factory NPCs

Blizzy’s Quests

  • Trouble Makers: bring back 8 Sneevil Tools
  • Bad Ice Cream: collect 5 Top Hats
  • Greedy Sneevil: Get Ebil Sneezer’s Wand
  • Shadow Figure: defeat the boss and get the FrostScythe Scroll

Snow Globe

Snow Globe

Required: Must have completed Factory

Where to go: Talk to Blizzy or /join snowglobe

Who to talk to: Blizzy

What to do: Rescue the Spirit of Frostval!

Snow Globe NPCs

Blizzy’s Quests

  • Shaking the Globes: collect 10 Shaken Snow Globes, get a Globe Detector from a Snow Golem
  • A Demonstration: defeat 10 Snow Golems
  • Hearts of Ice: FInd 6 Heart Of Ice
  • Defeat Garaja: Defeat the boss

Golden Ruins 

Golden Ruins

Required: must have completed Snow Globe

Where to go: exit left from where Garaja is or /join goldenruins

Who to talk to: Blizzy

What to do: Find Lionfang and get back the Spirit of Frostval

Golden Ruins NPCs

Blizzy’s Quests

  • Springing Traps: Disarm 10 traps and find 1 Trap Detector
  • Frost Lions: Defeat 10 Frost Lions
  • Onslaught Keyrings: Get 4 Onslaught Keyrings from Golden Warriors
  • Defeat Lionfang: Defeat Lionfang



Required: must have done Golden Ruins

Where to go: Talk to Blizzy to join /alpine

Who to talk to: Blizzy and Young Gravelyn

What to do: Gravelyn wants to help her father with his Evil plans, she’s recruited you to help her.  This should be interesting.

Alpine NPCs

Blizzy’s Quests

  • No More Moglin Munchies: Defeat 25 Frost Lions for Frost Lion Pelts
  • Gravelyn’s Most Dangerous Game: Bring 10 Mole Teeth from Glacier Moles and 5 Iced Boneheads from Frozen Deserters

Gravelyn’s Quests

  • Snow Way to Know Where to Go: Walk around and find the boundaries of the forest
  • Arming the Undead Army:Blizzy’s Quests: Get 15 Perfectly Sharpened Claw’s from Glacier Moles
  • Cold as a Corpse: Gather 10 Deadwood Bundles
  • Pretty Pretty Undead Princess Decor: Find 13 Skulls
  • Deadifying Frost Lions: Defeat 13 Frost Lions
  • Defiant Undead Deserters: Defeat 15 Frozen Deserters
  • Forest Guardian Gauntlet: Take down the Woebegone Wendigo

Ice Volcano 

Ice Volcano

Required: must have completed Alpine

Where to go: Right and down from Frostvale or /join icevolcano

Who to talk to: Chilly

What to do: Rescue everyone that was turned into Ice Zombies.  How cold.

Ice Volcano NPCs

Chilly’s Quests

  • Snow Turning Back: Defeat 10 Snow Golems and Ice Elementals.  Place 10 Frostval Flames.
  • Venom in Your Veins: Take out 20 Ice Symbiotes
  • Song of the Frozen Heart: Defeat Dead Morice

Blizzy’s Quests

  • A Chilly Discovery: Collect 50 Frost Power from Dead-ly Ice Elementals
  • Cold to the Core: Collect 50 Spirit Rekindled from Ice Symbiotes

Snowy Vale

Snowy Vale

Required: must have completed Ice Volcano

Where to go: Walk to the right or /join snowyvale

Who to talk to: Athon

What to do: Join Athon in efforts to help save Lore from Kezeroth

Snowy Vale NPCs

Snowy Vale Shops

Athon’s Quests

  • Locate Kezeroth: Explore the area looking for the hidden chasm
  • Chronoton Detection: Get 10 Living Snow from Polar Golems
  • Core Knowledge: Collect 6 Ice Cores
  • Temporal Revelation: Find the chasm
  • Before the Darkest Hour: Enter Kezeroth’s temple

Frost Deep

Frost Deep

Required: must have completed Snowy Vale

Where to go: /join frostdeep

Who to talk to: Athon

What to do: Battle through Kezeroth’s temple

Frost Deep NPCs

Frost Deep Shops

Quests (Dungeon Crawl)

  • Heart of Ice: Get 4 Glacier Core from Polar Elementals and 5 Frozen Snowballs from Polar Golems
  • Absolute Zero Success: Get 3 IceHeart Amulets dropped by Temple Prowler, 3 Frozen Hearts from Polar Elemental, 6 Diamond Snowflakes from Polar Golem
  • Dirty Secret: Get 10 Frozen Fang from Temple Prowler and 5 Dirty Claw dropped by Polar Mole
  • Frozen Venom: Collect 6 Tainted Wrym Scale from Polarwrym Rider and 7 Poison Ice Spine from Polar Spider
  • Rune-ing His Plan: Find 10 Temple Rune from Ancient Golem
  • Deadly Beauty: Get 10 Crystalline Spine from Polar Elemental, 10 Crystal Snowflake and 6 Frozen Breath dropped by Polar Golem
  • Cold-Hearted Trophies:  Collect 8 Frost Snout from Polar Mole, 4 Frozen Fang and 4 Frosted Tail from Temple Prowler
  • Warmth in the Cold: Get 3 Maggot Spit from Temple Maggot and 7 Spider Meat dropped by Temple Spider
  • Icy Prizes: Find 5 Icy Whips from Temple Prowler and 5 Poisoned Fang from Temple Maggot
  • Fading Magic: Collect 5 Sands of Time and 2 Obsidian Key from Ancient Golem
  • FrostDeep Dwellers: Get 10 Vestigal Wyrm Toe dropped by Polarwrym Rider, 10 Frigid Fur Pelt and 6 Frost Lion Tail dropped by Polar Mole
  • A Breather: Get 7 Frozen Tear from Polar Mole, 5 Lion Haunch dropped by Temple Spider and 5 Frozen Venom from Polar Spider
  • Raiders from FrostDeep: Collect 3 Deadly Defroster from Polar Draconian and 3 Larvae Silk from Temple Maggot
  • 8 Legged Frost Freaks: Collect 4 Bucket of Snow Golem from Temple Spider and 6 Polar Spider Egg from Polar Spider
  • Freezing the Stone: Get 2 Anicent Rune and 3 Ruby Eye dropped by Ancient Golem
  • Can You Feel the Chill Tonight?:  Get 7 Prowler Claw from Temple Prowler, 7 Frigid Femur and 4 Frost Breath from Polar Elemental
  • Shrouded in Ice: Find 10 Decayed Silk Shroud and 9 Rotten Larva Shell dropped by Anicent Maggot
  • Hard Fight for a Cold Truth: Get 5 Prowler Tongue and 9 Scrap of Prowler Fur from Ancient Prowler
  • Sand and Shardin’ Bones: Get 7 Bone Shard and 6 Hourglass Sand dropped by Ancient Mole
  • Older and Colder: Collect 5 Dried Blood from Ancient Mole, 4 Wrym Dirt from Ancient Prowler and 4 Temple Dust from Ancient Maggot
  • The Sword of Hope: Get 10 Heart of Darkness and 12 Heart of Gold from Ancient Terror
  • Rays of Hope: Collect 10 Spark of Hope from any monster in the Temple


Battle field

Required: must have completed FrostDeep

Where to go: /join battlefield

Who to talk to: Athon

What do to: SAVE THE WORLD!

Battlefield NPCs

Athon’s Quests (they are random)

  • Ballista Cables: Get 6 Taunt Ropes dropped by Horc Warrior in /orctown
  • Fetching Fletching Feathers: Collect 2 Bundles of Feathers from Red Bird in /creatures
  • Looking for Loggers: Gather 8 Large Logs from Treeant in /farm or /poisonforest
  • Gathering Spell Components: Get 7 Magic Embers dropped by Fire Imps in /volcano or /mobius
  • Arrowheads for Archers: Collect 25 Arrowheads from Kappa Ninja at /yokaiboat or /yokairiver
  • Mana for the Magi: Get 6 Potent Dried Slime dropped by Slime in /swordhaven or /greenguardwest

Ice Rise Keep  

Ice Rise Keep

Required: need to have done Battlefield 

Where to go: /join icerise

Who to talk to: Athon

What do to: Take down Kezeroth the World Ender

Ice Rise Keep NPCs

Ice Rise Keep Shops

Athon’s Quests

  • A Little Warmth and Light: Place 5 Torches
  • Behind Locked Doors: Look around and locate the Throne
  • The Lost key: Fine 3 Key Clues by defeating the monsters
  • Uncovering Pages of the Past: Find the missing pages from the monsters
  • We Know Where To Look: Finish finding the last of the missing pages from monsters
  • A Terrible Hiding Place: Get the Guard’s Footlocker by beating any monster
  • Face Kezeroth: Grab your helm and take down the World Ender
  • Bonus Challenge Ultra Kezeroth: Want more? Try defeating Ultra Kezeroth

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