How To Play AQWorlds - 2. User Interface

2: The User Interface (UI)

After you jump on the back of a dragon and jump back off it, you’ll be at the entrance of Oaklore Keep. Let’s get familiar with the User Interface before going forward.

To move around the screen, you just hover the mouse cursor over where you want to go and left-click and your character will move there. The gold arrows on the ground shows if you move there you’ll go to another screen of the room you in. Silver arrows act the same but they take you to different rooms instead of screens.

The red box shows you the hero’s name. In this example its: Skye Blesmin. Under your name is the class you currently are and its current rank level, the red Health Bar and blue Mana bar. To the left of these is a portrait of your character’s face, current level and by clicking the “!” will bring a small window listing every quest you have accepted.

The green box shows a menu of some kind. In the picture above it shows your progress through the tutorial map “Oaklore” This can be anything like a war meter, a menu, etc.

The yellow box shows the chat box. You chat with other players here. There are a few different colored text options.

Blue: You or a fellow player.
Gold: A moderator chatting server-wide, normally to post announcements.
Cyan: Server or “Other”
Red: A Warning message.
Purple: You sending a private message (PM)/whisper to another player.
Pink: Another player has sent you a private message/whisper. Also Beleen’s favorite color!
Green: Players in your guild chatting with each other.

The blue box is the battle bar; it’s going to be your best friend.

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