Jack of All Trades

Tradeskills Throwback Thursday

Sure, a single wasted second may mean the destruction of Lore, but that doesn’t mean your hobbies need to be put on hold! Maybe you have started ranking these tradeskills or have never heard of them, either way, read on for all the information you need to know to improve your character’s skillset.

Fishing: Taking the Bait

See Faith in /Join Greenguardwest for everything you need to become a King Fisher. With bait from Greenguard’s Frogzards in hand, click on Faith’s “Start Fishing” button. It’s time to put your Faith on the fishing line and click the fishing pole. Once your bait is cast, be ready for any number of insane scenarios. Increasing your fishin’ rank unlocks different wearable bonuses to make the whole process more profitable. Legends can purchase a 3 fish-catching pole and any player can pay 8 ACs for a bucket of dynamite. These explosives are guarantee a boatload of fish and make mastering the seas a breeze. Do all this and the fishing faction gear and house items will be yours!   

Alchemy: Probably Not Poisonous...?

Alina and Lim at /join alchemyacademy are here to show you why potion making is so much more than mixing a few plants. It’s a complex process that takes work (and a few explosions) to truly master. Here’s bulleted basics of potion making from the amazing AQW Wiki!:


  • Pick a Runestone to determine how powerful your potion will be.
  • Select two reagents, dropped from monsters around Lore, to determine what kind of potion you might get.
  • Fill up your bottle by heating the two reagents together.


  • Click on the red button to shoot fireballs to heat up your reagents.
  • Click on the blue button to shoot ice to cool down your reagents.


  • Fill up this bottle with your potion.
  • Keep the runestone from overheating
  • You will not lose your reagents if the potion fails.

Master these steps and you’ll be an artful alchemist in no time! If gathering reagents is too much hassle, Dragon Runestones can be bought for ACs and merged into the desired materials. Remember, the Derp Lim character page will only reveal itself to the most dedicated potion makers!  

Spellcrafting: Yer a Wizard, Hero

Journey to /join DragonRune, Lore’s top Academy of Mana Manipulation and SpellCrafting to train under Headmistress Sora to Hoshi and her talented staff. While school is currently out of session, Prof. Neveya is still willing to impart her vast knowledge of spellcrafting. Gather Mystic Shards, Quills, and Parchment from some of Lore’s biggest baddies or purchase Arcane Quills for ACs to merge the necessary inks for your studies. Each ink you obtain requires a unique arrangement of spell symbols. Fill every slot on your scrolls with the correct combination of symbols to craft a spell. With so many different inks, you have a ton of powerful spells just waiting to be created. Get experimenting heros!

Loremaster: A Novel Experience

Loremasters aren’t to be wasted on the battlefield, their assistance is more valued researching the path to victory. Mosey on over to Maya in BattleOn Town’s Librarium for your Loremaster training. Assisting her often grants enough reputation for access to some of the coolest nature-themed armors in AQW! Maya also gives a huge thank you to the heroes who helped with descriptions and art when we did the Bad Guys, Good Battles Contest. The entries were incredible and serve as a great tool in the battle to realign Lore!

Blacksmith: Sock-crafting 101

Somehow Cysero managed to build an entire forge in BattleOn. Usually this establishment would be a blessing for a town so constantly attacked, but for some reason I don’t think the forge-crafted Rubber Duckies will be much help. (Well, Rubber Duckies, Living Yogurt, and Sock Katanas to be exact). Complete Cysero's blacksmithing quests to gain these one of a kind items or receive the radioactive sock regents for them. I know its odd, but what else did you expect from Cysero?   

The Return of Throwback Thursday

While we are only a day away from Friday’s newest release, one shouldn’t neglect all the amazing adventures of AQW’s past. I hope these throwbacks serve as a nostalgia-filled wall of text to veterans and a guide to more ingame experiences for new players. After mastering the many tradeskills AQW has to offer, comment on the forums with any feedback or future Throwback Thursday suggestions!

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