How To Play AQWorlds - 13: Staff Duties and Reporting

13: Staff Duties & Reporting

Members of the AE team & volunteers have different colored names.

Developers have purple names. They're the ones who make AQWorlds - creating art, coding, writing stories, designing classes, etc.

Testers have green names. There are two types of game-related testers - release and bug - but both of them have green names inside AQW. Game testers test releases, while Bug Hunters focus on post-release issues using the Bug Tracker.

 Player Support team members have gold names - they are the ones who read your emails and are the only ones who can access your account information - they use that to help you fix problems!

AE Team Members have teal names. They are staff members who do not help in any of the other groups (wiki and forum mods, other game staff, website testers, etc) but do so many things for our other games or community sites! They are official members of the AE team, so if you see them in-game, /wave hi!

White Hats have dark red names. These team members are one of our newest staff groups, and are former hackers who have proven we can trust them and vowed to use their very specific set of skills and knowledge of programming and/or web development to help keep AQWorlds safe.

Moderators have gold names. They are your cheerful, helpful team members and read your reports and make sure AQW is a safe, fun, friendly game to play!  Moderators read every report submitted in game.  So let's discuss how to report someone.

If you spot someone being rude, cheating, or breaking rules in general, report them. To report a player. left-click their portrait and choose “report” or you can type /report *player* in the text box. Once you do one of these options in menu will appear:

You can report a player here. Just chose the reason and type out the details.
●    Abusive Language (Swearing) - Language that is not PG-13 or inappropriate.
●    Stalking/Harassing - Someone following or being mean to a certain person.
●    Scamming/Phishing - Someone promising free AC’s or membership but stealing their accounts instead or pretending to be someone else.
●    Botting/Hacking - Using third party programs to cheat the game.

For more information on joining the AQW team, see here.

More information on how to make a good report, as well as general FAQ for Moderators, can be found here.

Color coordination for each staff group was not introduced until August 26th, 2015. All staff members had a -gold- colored name by default.  Older Design Note posts reflect this.

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