6th Lord of Chaos: Discordia

The 6th Lord of Chaos


Where music and mayhem go hand in hand.

Stairway to Haven (/join stairway)

You can explore Mythsong City (/join mythsong) for its shops and hair salon but the Chaos Lord storyline quests begin here.  Fun fact, this area is filled with references and parodies of muscians, bands and song lyrics, see if you can spot them all.  Chat with Mozzy Mogbourne to start the story.

Stairway to Haven: Grab 4 Grateful Undead Shirts from the Grateful Undead and 4 Rock Lobster Tail from the Rock Lobsters.

Rolling Stones: Get 5 Mossy Stones from the Rock Lobsters.

Light My Fire: Collect 1 Box of Brightburn Matches dropped by the Grateful Undead.

Knockin' on Haven's Door: At the top of the stairway you'll find Elwood and Jake Bruise.  Defeat them and return to Mozzy.

Beehive (/join beehive) Must have completed previous quest area.

Dance on over to the Great Godfather of Souls for quests.

Staying Alive: Get 8 Tattered Swing Sweaters from Stinger.

Killer Queen: Collect the Jar of Royal Honey dropped by the Killer Queen Bee.

The Great Godfather of Souls will now tell you to defeat Lord Overdance, when you do a cutscene plays.  Return to Great Godfather of Souls to complete the dance nini-game.  If you cannot beat it, choose the "skip game" option. You only need to beat it on normal.

Orkestra Temple (/join orchestra) Must have completed previous quest area.

Don Giovanni has information on Chaos Lord Discordia and quests.

Bad Moon Rising: Get 15 Fire Fleas from the monsters.

Burning Down the House:  Fight Pachelbel's Cannons for the Cannon Powder.

Superstition: Collect 5 Luck Mozard Claws from Mozards.

Soul Man: Battle Faust for the Faustian Contract.

Mythsong War (/join mythsongwar)

Fight your way through the map by defeating all the monsters in each area.

Lorestockapalooza (/join palooza) Must have completed previous quest area.

Now the fun begins.  You must defeat all the monsters in each area before moving onto the next.  After you fight Discordia a cutscene will play that reveals this saga's big twist.  I won't spoil it.

After you beat the Chaos Lord a cutscene will play and then you will have access to the event shop.

Rock on! Mythsong is saved from the 6th Chaos Lord!

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